Tuesday, August 10, 2010

It's close: Albers wins by 112 votes.

John Albers hugs volunteer, Ken DiPrima of Roswell, during the excitement of his campaign party at the Tara Humata Restaurant.

By Rachel Kellogg / Neighbor Newspapers

The District 56 State Senate runoff between Brandon Beach and John Albers was close all night as results came in from the precincts.

With all Fulton County precincts reporting, Albers appears to have won, carrying 50.43 percent of the vote. Albers took 6,564 votes, while Beach had 6,452.

“We're very excited and proud of our accomplishment,” he said just minutes after the final numbers came in. “I'm looking forward to serving the people of north Fulton.”

According to Fulton County elections officials, a recount can be triggered at Beach's request because the margin of victory is less than one percent.

Beach was not immediately available for comment, but Albers said he did not feel a recount would make a difference because the county uses electronic voting.


Anonymous said...

Sooooooooo great.

Thank goodness his self-serving opponent didn't prevail. Now he (BB)can get in the private sector and reach his full potential: maybe a janitor for Burkhalter's unwed mother's halfway house?

Maybe Nash can help a "local" construction company get the low bid for one of their pals to build the joint.

Anonymous said...

Glad ti see that Albers won.