Saturday, August 07, 2010

Police Issue Warning About Alpharetta Parks

Courtesy: WSBTV.COM

Alpharetta police have issued a warning for women who use parks and the Greenway trail system.

A woman told police that a man grabbed her shoulder and whispered in her ear at one of the parks.

She ran away and was not hurt.

Police said the man was described as a white, in his 20s and about 5 feet 10 inches tall. The woman said the man also had shoulder length, blondish red hair.
If you notice suspicious activity, you’re asked to call police.


Anonymous said...

Apparently he did not whisper "sweet nothings" in her ear.

Anonymous said...

This is a horrible and tactless comment. Where is your decency?

Anonymous said...

Tim, where did the Breaking News sorry go that was posted above this news? You said that Principal Trussell was fired from Birmingham Falls Elementary School. Why was he "fired", and who told you? More importantly, why would  you post that "breaking news" and then delete it?  Immediately, the gossip chain began in a community that just doesn't need anymore right now regarding the upheavel at Birmingham Falls during the last week of school. We all got to read about it right here. First. That is what you wanted.  Now what do you want?

Please be Careful. Your website, not only affects those written about, those not written about who maybe should be, and those unknowns who Google the word "Milton".

For those that want to hear what happened directly from the school board, there will be a meeting at Birmingham Falls Elementary this Thursday. A notice will be mailed to each student's home. In a perfect world, the reason for his dismissal would not be speculated on until that time.

Anonymous said...

It came across as just a nicer way to put what actually happened, and at the end of the day, it was truthful, so it doesn't matter. Do you call up CNN and MSNBC and the NY Times every time they post a headline that catches your attention and complain? He could have left it, but did the right thing and put it nicer phrasing to soften it for the sensitive in this community, he didn't have to do that since it is true, but he did. Good guy!

Interesting how everyone else in this community can be roasted alive by ignorant and mean bloggers until now. Think about all the people who have been unfairly slimed and criticized and had lies told about them, and even had their looks made fun of, including city council members, yet it was okay then, but not now. Sounds kind of hypocritical.

Oh, don't hold your breath tomorrow, doubt you'll get anything out of the BOE on this. It would be inappropriate don't you think to tell the community at a meeting? let alone legal?

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, it's there for posterity. Next time be careful tho unless you are just looking to stir up trouble, 3:59.

Do what you want, I can't control what you say or do, or this blog, nor would I want to. The record speaks for itself.

All I'm requesting is to be more careful. End of story.

Anonymous said...

He WAS fired. His first post which you linked is correct! Go request to look at what the BOE put next to his name on termination, I am sure it doesn't say he went on a walk a bout. Fired is a harsh word to hear, unless you are Donald Trump.

Anonymous said...

So what? Not the point!! But You can have the last word on the subject as you are obviously well connected and appears you know exactly what happened in this case. Besides becoming extremely revealing with your specific comments and all. I do hope your identity is not revealed by an open records act, or a court case which supeonas the records of this blog. Could be legal, Could be truthful, could prove damaging. Just like the original title of this story. Therefore- You may want to curb your enthusiasm.

Anonymous said...

The information came from The Superintendent at the meeting who said verbatim "he broke federal law and admitted it". All comments on the blog have appeared afterthefact, and parent complaints had nothing to do with his removal as Sam Taylor reiterated strongly at the meeting.

Anonymous said...

Milton Herald yesterday headline.