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Milton Soldier Writes Home...

Letter from Simeon Germany Crisler to his parents,
Abel Crisler (1808-1881) and Anna Maxwell (1809-1868)
of Milton Co., GA

Submitted by Suzanne Coker[Account of the Battle of King's School House, fought on June 25, 1862 Tells of the death of JOSEPH T. RUCKER, son of GEORGE ELZY RUCKER, and of the wounding of JOHN RUCKER, son of SIMEON BLUFORD RUCKER. Joseph "Joe" T. Rucker was John Rucker's nephew. All these men were from Milton County. ]

Camp in the Battle Field This June 26 1862

Dear Mother and Father,

It hurts me much to have to write you such a distressing letter this morning in the way we all suffered yesterday, we were in one of the severest fights yesterday that has been fought at least one regiment suffered very much, (our company), There were three of our company killed. Two of our mess were killed. Joe Rucker and Levert Pilgrim were killed out of our mess, John Mosteller was killed, all shot in the head. There were twenty two of our company wounded and several of our mess was wounded. Dock got slightly wounded in the top of his head, Teasley got wounded in both of his legs below the knees but his legs are not broken. I hope it is not very bad. John Rucker was wounded in both arms but none are broken and I hope he will get well without loosing one of his arms, but Sandy Morris got his leg broke below his knee and will have to be cut off, I reckon. Ben Morris got his left arm broke below his elbow. I would like for you to tell Mrs. Morris about her boys. Monroe Emory got his right eye shot out, and the doctor says he will get over his wound. These are who were wounded in our mess and I can't mention the others who were wounded in our company. Captain Foster shot off one of his fingers with his own repeater. I tell you we suffered powerfully for about two hours and we had to fall back to get ammunition and I tell you I don't think it is near done yet. The Yanks ran into our pickets and I think our men are fixing to whip them back and I expect we will have more firing to day and I hope the Lord will be with us and give us a great victory but if it is my lot to fall in battle field I hope it will be a just cause for we are fighting for our country and our rights and loved ones left behind. I will have to come to a close and I feel so badly about the way our boys were treated yesterday but I did the very best I could and took deliberate aim while our boys were groaning all around us. I was close to Joe Rucker when he received his blow. He mourned very pitiful for sometime although his brains were shot out. We buried our dead this morning, we do not know how soon it will fall to some of the rest of our lot to have to fall on the battle field. I hope you will remember us. I hope the time will come when we shall meet again in peace and if we don't meet in this world I hope we will meet in a better world than this. So fare you well at the present, Father and Mother, June 26 1862 S. G. Crisler

[Note: Simeon Crisler was killed at Manassas, Virginia, September 5, 1862.]

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