Tuesday, December 04, 2007

History of Old Milton County

Milton County was named for John Milton, Georgia's first secretary of State. He was credited with saving the official records of Georgia when the British occupied the state. Some of his descendants were General Homer V. Milton of the 1812 war, Governor John Milton of the state of Florida, General William H. Milton of the Confederate Army, and Mrs. William Y. Atkinson, wife of the Governor Of Georgia. Thanks to W.S. Bates, Milton County Historian, Old Milton County History and Genealogy Group, for this information.
Milton County was formed in 1857 from parts of Cherokee, Forsyth and Cobb Counties. Portions of DeKalb and Gwinnett counties were annexed in 1859. The county seat was Alpharetta. Milton County was a very poor county. There was only one paved road and no school buses. Fulton County wanted to expand and promised Milton County paved roads, school buses and a better school if they agreed to a merger. Roswell, which was never a part of Milton County, was also approached. In 1932 Milton County, along with the city of Roswell, became part of Fulton County.

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Anonymous said...

If Roswell was not part of Fulton County and not part of Milton County what county was it In?

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Anonymous said...

I believe parts of Roswell were actually in Fulton County...

-Travis Allen

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know of any cemeteries in the area that allowed blacks to be burried?

alpharetta1 said...

1) Roswell was in Cobb County until along with Milton they merged with Fulton in 1932.
2)Blacks were never restricted from being buried in any cemetery.