Monday, December 03, 2007

Important Community Meetings- Get Involved.

Dear Friends, Neighbors and Milton Citizens,Happy December everyone.

It is hard to believe it is this time of year already. And while some are getting their holiday decorations out and preparing for this wonderful time for family and faith, please know that there is much work to do and much work underway in the City of Milton. While the election is behind us, there are issues and opportunities that need your continued attention and focus. Please stay involved, alert and engaged in all the opportunities before us. December is a fabulous time of year, but many rezonings, variance requests and important planning for the future for the whole of our community continue and your involvement remains as critical as always. Please review the upcoming meetings in the right margin of this release and determine how you can weigh in on the various items coming before Mayor and Council as well as the critical planning underway for our Comprehensive Land Use Plan Update including the Crabapple area. Council Member Zahner Bailey provides a tour of City Hall to involved Cub Scouts of Pack 3000, Den 11.I have had several opportunities recently to share the importance of community involvement with local scout troops, tours of city hall and my continued work educating our youth about the importance of making a difference each and everyday. They get it and they set a good example for all citizens of Milton. These young people inspire me everyday and I hope they will inspire you too as you look at your calendars and determine how to best to ensure your opinions are shared and heard.There is a very important meeting this evening Monday, December 3rd tied to the Crabapple area. This is the second of at least three meetings to gather input from citizens regarding what they want for the future of Crabapple within the context of the whole of Milton and as a part of the overall Comprehensive Land Use Planning Update process. We have a wonderful opportunity ahead of us all to ensure that the Comprehensive Land Use Plan (CLUP) update process truly reflects the vision of the citizens of Milton. But after attending the first meeting on Nov. 19th, I am concerned that not enough local residents were present and engaged. I believe strongly in public participation and sound planning principles. I have some concerns that the current efforts in Crabapple have the appearance of pushing for an accelerated and increased development approach outside of the overall Comprehensive Land Use Planning Update process. I am confident that if many of us offer our opinions in the current process then community voice will be at the center of guiding what evolves. But make no mistake, without the voice of the community firmly at the table, there is a risk that Crabapple will get more density and a more accelerated process that could undermine sound planning principles. As an example, right now it is estimated that 75% of what has been approved for Crabapple in the way of commercial and office density is not yet even on the ground, but some are pushing for more density without yet knowing the impact of that approved and yet not yet built density. I am hopeful that instead, we all can take an educated and analytical look at Crabapple together as a part of the whole, and with appropriate timeframes versus a timeline mirroring specific deferred zoning cases, and come up with a long range plan that truly makes sense for the whole of Milton. Your attendance at tomorrow night's meeting and involvement going forward in the entire CLUP update process are very important.I am honored to represent your interests and appreciate the trust you have placed in me on your behalf. It is because of this trust I share the details of this release with you so that you might know of important and forever impacting meetings and planning processes underway. I am always available to address your questions, hear your views and comments and to seek ways to serve you in the best way possible. Together, this community will continue to be one of the most unique and wonderful places to call home and raise our families.Thank you for your continued support and involvement. It is only through your continued direct involvement that I can best represent your expectations for our community.All my best for you, your family and our collective community,

Julie Zahner Bailey
Milton City Council
770-664-5529 (h)
404-310-6344 (c)

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