Monday, December 10, 2007

Michael O'Keefe Update On His Training To Fight Cancer.

Well, I finished the Atlanta Half-Marathon. It was much harder than I thought and wet (we know have a couple more days of water). I felt good when I woke up as my training had gone well and I had run more than 13 miles. My cousin and I parked the car down at Turner field and were going to ride MARTA to the starting point. This would allow me to get some extra miles in to prepare for the Disney Marathon in January. Well, we get to MARTA a little before 6am only to find out we did not have enough money. Luckily a nice employee gave us the extra to get on the train. However the train was late. By the time we got to the starting line we were about 8 minutes after the start. My cousin and I ran hard in the rain for the first 7 or so miles until the first 1 mile hill came. I hit a wall and my time slowed down. It was tough, and I wondered how I could make a full marathon. I kept going, focusing on what my mother had gone through and asking her for strength. With support from my cousin and my fellow Team in Training members, I was able to finish the run strong and finish in the top 50% of the 40 year old bracket.With the opening of our second Foster’s Grille in Historic Crabapple, training since has been tough. I had only been able to run a couple day’s since Thanksgiving. Saturday, I was able to get back out with the team in training members, and ran 12 miles. It felt good. A little over a month to go before the Disney Marathon. I have a couple big runs coming over the next two weeks before I taper down for the race.

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Anonymous said...

Way to go Michael. That was very impressive. Reading stories such as yours help people like me to keep moving forward.

A friend

Miltonville said...

Hey Michael! Thanks for the wonderful story and general good vibes of hearing it. I hope you continue writing for us locals and telling us about your journey....

Good work. Good luck.
Keep going....
-Patti Silva