Monday, December 03, 2007

Former Alpharetta Councilman Wanted In California

by Hatcher Hurd / / Appen Newspapers

November 30, 2007

Former Alpharetta Councilman R.J. Kurey, the only elected official in Georgia ever booted out of office by his peers on the board, now appears to have more serious problems with police in California.According to police in Fontana, Calif., Kurey is a suspect in what one detective called "a large-dollar check fraud." Police did not want to talk about details of the case until they had Kurey in custody.Kurey's name came to the attention of Milton police when Fontana detectives sent a request to check out Kurey's last known address, apparently that of a Milton apartment less than a mile from police headquarters. Officers were trying to find Kurey so that they could file for extradition so they contacted police here.However, Fontana police did not say there was a warrant for his arrest.

Kurey had recently renewed his Georgia driver's license with that address, although acquaintances had reported seeing Kurey in Las Vegas and was reportedly living there now.The mercurial ex-councilman, who sandwiched two successful campaigns for a council seat between two unsuccessful runs at the mayor's job, was always making headlines in celebrated feuds with fellow council members or in embarrassing peccadilloes involving abuse of franking privileges or verbal abuse of employees.

He was finally booted out of office in 1995 for continued misbehavior in and out of office ranging from allegations of sexual harassment, making threats against city employees and fellow council members and allegations he misused public funds for private trips.He finally dropped his appeal his removal from office by the City Council and dropped from public view.

He resurfaced briefly to announce his campaign for the Fulton County Commission at-large seat, but other than send out some solicitations for donations, he did little campaigning and never qualified for the race.

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Anonymous said...

Mark my words, you will be reading the same about "OB" one day as your are reading about "RJ" right now. They are both so similiar as to their actions with the cities that they were involved in.