Friday, May 25, 2007

Speed Limits / Community Input Sought On Speed in City

The City of Milton is seeking citizen input for its annual speed limit and radar permit update with the Georgia Department of Transportation. Please call 678.242.2500. Be sure to include:

Your name, phone number, address
Road name
Specific road segment (start/end points)
Current speed and desired speed

Also be sure to cite any specific concerns, incidents. Relevant paperwork or photographs are extremely helpful. Neighborhood groups and petitions are acceptable. The deadline for citizen comments is July 1. Staff will review and compile the information before submitting the annual revision to GDOT. GDOT will review the information, analyze it based on engineering standards and related state laws, and issue a revised radar permit to the City of Milton.

It should be noted that only one true radar permit exists in the state and the city is actually a “lessee.” Therefore, GDOT has ultimate authority on this matter, especially regarding state routes. Cities and counties are afforded annual update applications.

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