Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Competition Arises As Reaches 100,000 Hits

By Anderson Lee;, the #1 website for all things Milton, GA, is about to surpass 100,000 hits since it's activation two years ago. "This is a wonderful time to be part of Milton," CEO Ginger Enloe was quoted as saying, "the credit needs to go to Milton's citizens, however. If they didn't engage their interest for this community online, we wouldn't be witnessing the successes we are seeing here today."

CMO Scott Thompson, one of the founders of the company, added "The last we checked, our statcounter hits were right at 98,600. I would expect us to pass the 100,000 hit mark within the week."
In celebration of's success, the company has put together a competition that will allow visitors to guess the day the website makes the turn. The first email recieved
after this site passes this goal will receive a free Port Authority "Milton, Georgia" base ball cap as well as license plate. To see these items, please click here ->

All citizens have to do is email the company at with the subject line
"Did I win?"

Co-founder Tim Enloe added, "When it all boils down to it, is about community with a little fun thrown in. We hope the winner enjoys the prizes with Milton Pride."

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