Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Volunteers beautify Fire Station No. 43.


This past Saturday a handful of committed volunteers gave their time and energy to help spruce up the landscaping at Milton Fire Station No. 43 on Hickory Flat Road.

More than 20 participants, including Milton residents looking to get more involved with their community, participants from the Young Men’s Service League and Milton Grows Green members, all pitched in to help make the Better Together: Real Communities - Milton Mini-Grants Initiative project a success.

Special thanks goes out to the Pearson family, who donated not only their time, but the expertise, manpower, and stock of their landscaping company, Limelight Landscaping. Jackie Pearson said it was the least they could do after firefighters saved their home in January when lighting caused an early morning fire.

“I have a special place in my heart for the gentlemen who saved my home,” said Pearson. “When we needed it, they answered our calls. So any call that goes out for volunteers to help the fire department, we’ll answer that.”

Special thanks also goes out to Jeff Glover, who donated more than 100 bales of pine straw to the effort.

To see photos from the project, along with other Better Together efforts, click here.

Better Together is funded in large part through the Georgia Council on Developmental Disabilities’ (GCDD) Real Communities Initiative: Milton. The grants support neighborhood improvements, promote neighborhood associations and fund projects that bring community members together.

Currently, GCDD provides Milton a little less than $20,000 in federal funds and the city matches just less than $5,000.

For more information on the Better Together: Real Communities - Milton Mini-Grants Initiative, click here

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