Thursday, May 03, 2012

Parks & Rec. launching program guide May 8.

Courtesy City of Milton

The City of Milton Parks and Recreation Department will launch its first-ever seasonable program guide Tuesday, May 8. This downloadable guide will include all programs and activities available from May through the end of August.

It will include all current programs, plus a slate of new programs and activities scheduled for summer.

"Previously, we've promoted each activity separately as they've come on board," said Recreation Program Coordinator Tom Gilliam. "But now, we're becoming victims of our success, and we're worried the constant stream of new announcements isn't helping our programs."

Instead, said Gilliam, the department will move toward a comprehensive, seasonal guide as utilized by most departments. This ensures residents have one place to go to get all the information they need in a simple, concise format.

On the city's Web site, the new guide will replace the current numerous and separate programs and activities pages. Instead, you will simply download the guide.

Keep your eyes peeled for more information about this exciting change in the way Milton brings you parks and recreation information.

For more information, contact Gilliam at 678-242-2519 or

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