Thursday, May 31, 2012

Monthly new business report.


This list is compiled from business license records kept by the city's Community Development Department. If a new business receives a license within the month proceeding the newsletter, it will be listed.

The appearance of a business on this page is not intended, nor should it be construed, as the City of Milton's or Milton City Council's endorsement, sanction, promotion or advertisement of any particular business. Identification of businesses on this list is for informational purposes only. Citizens interested in retaining or conducting business with any of the companies or agencies listed in this item should conduct their own review and investigation of that business.

Firedog Firearms 115885 Hopewell Road
Fun Is the Answer 745 Soneley Court
Cheeses & Mary 765 Mid Broadwell Road
Sleep Tight Pals, LLC 12460 Crabapple Road
Vibe Salon & Boutique 12605 Broadwell Road
Nevaeh Transport, LLC 13085 Morris Road
Kunz Capital Management, LLC 730 Sable Pointe Road
Big Horn Concrete, LLC 621 Knox Hill Drive
Stinkweed Station 525 Wickstone Place
Med Literacy 2980 Serenade Court

For a continually updated list of current businesses in Milton via the city's Web site, click here.

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