Tuesday, May 08, 2012


AM NOTE: It is becoming more and more common; the beautiful animal known as the horse being abused, harrassed, and as you can see here, killed for the nothing more than simply wanting to graze and be loved. In the past few years, a horse in Fayetteville Georgia was shot with arrows and barely survived, two horses were shot in Hall County this past month-one having died after receiving five bullets to the heart, and locally in Milton an old mare named Liberty has been shot with paint balls, fireworks have been shot into her pasture and above her, and the same offenders have screamed at her and directed loud noise her way. Local authorities did nothing to the guilty party. The end result is a horse who will not graze without supervision in the very pastures she took her first breath in.

Elected officials must do more to protect the horse.Please keep an eye on as we will soon have a definitive date of when Liberty's Law will be presented to Milton City Council. Our elected officials have the chance to lead by defending the horses of Milton Georgia and become a wonderful example for other municipalities to follow or they can turn a blind eye as so many others have to date encouraging more of the same in the process.

On the evening of May 5 2012, J & S stables lost a family member to sensless hate & violence. BO, a paint horse & trusted mount of the Shepard family for years was shot in the gut by a high powered rifle and made to flail and suffer in agony, fear and pain while his pasturemate watched until he bled out and ultimatly died. He was doing nothing more than grazing peacefully in his... roadside pasture on the corner of Old Folkstone Road and Country Club Road in the community of Sneads Ferry NC on a nice spring evening. Hunting is not allowed in the area and the Shepards are kind people who have no enemies. Bo was murdered for no other reason than "just because". Please share this horrible incident with whomever you think will care to read it. Someone knows who did it, and we want them brought to justice. If not only forjustice for Bo and the Shepards, but BC if they are sorry enough to murder an innocent animal for fun, then they are capabale of doing the same to a human. If you have ANY info, please call ONSLOW CO SHERIFFS DEPT @ 910 455 3113. There is a combined reward of $4500 between the Shepards and Crimestoppers available at this time to anyone with info leading to a conviction. What would you do if this happened to you or your pets? Please pass the word.See More— with Joyce Rose, Christine Sandberg and Leslie Levenson Dau.

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Anonymous said...

This is sickening,,,, I hope they hang them,,, its never an excuse to hurt a animal anymore than a person... I hope they find the person or persons, and i hope you let us all know,,,, thank you, Donna Davidson