Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Support Continues To Grow For 'Liberty's Law'


Liberty's Law, the proposed ordinance which would protect Milton, Georgia horses from abuse and harrassment, continues to gain more and more support. As of today, 410 people had signed the online petition while Facebook 'friends' are ahead at 421.

Support has come from all over.

Morgan Silver, Executive Director of the Horse Protection Association of Florida, shared " No animal deserves to be harassed and harassment constitutes cruelty to animals. Please do the right thing and make it illegal to harass innocent animals."

Some believe Liberty's Law shouldn't stop at Milton's borders. Sabra Cotney of Warner Robbins Georgia writes, "I believe this ordinance should extend out to cover the entire state...if not the entire country. Poor Liberty and all the other horses we don't know about."

Locally, Nikki Henderson of Cumming, Georgia relayed why she supports Liberty's Law, "This law is just amazing, and would provide peace of mind to horse owners. I completely agree with this law and support it completely. The City of Milton needs to step up, they promote an equine community yet don't back it up when the horses are being abused by non-horse residents."

We encourage you to join us in support of Liberty's Law. Together, we can help stop the abuse and harrassment of horses.

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