Thursday, May 17, 2012

Men beat and rob World War II Vet.

AM NOTE: With so many stories coming about talking about profiling, we thought the following story would be of interest.

Courtesy Kansas City 5

RAYTOWN, MO (KCTV) - Two men beat up a World War II Veteran, ransacked his home, and stole from him.

Police need the public's help identifying the two men, and the elderly man's story about what happened to him is harrowing.

"He did one of them Texas Ranger kicks - knocked me back against the door, against the refrigerator and plum down on my knees," Roy Hooten said. "This is so painful in here [holds upper ribcage] it even hurts to breathe."

Hooten is dealing with a cracked rib and a deep gash from a pistol whipping after a good deed left him bloodied and bruised.

"He said ‘we need to make a phone call. Can we use your phone?'" Hooten said.

Hooten opened the door for two men about 10 a.m. Thursday but, before long, he felt a foot in his chest and was splayed onto the kitchen floor. The men started yelling ‘where's your money?'

Every time Hooten tried to get up, to direct them to his billfold down the hall, there was another kick.

"I got fisticuffed two, three different times," he said.

He prayed aloud while he was down, which brought him more of the same violence.

"He come and hit me again. Wham. Wham. I said ‘shut up,'" Hooten said.

The men even gave his little dog a swift kick.

Hooten served in World War II in a Navy bomber. But this, he said, was a different kind of scary altogether.

"For a while I thought I was having a nightmare. I just couldn't believe why the two young men would want to mutilate an old man like me," he said.

The pair took a small flat screen TV from Hooten's modest home, near 86th Street and Greenwood Road, plus a small pistol that belonged to his late wife and $137. But they haven't changed Hooten's view of mankind.

"I think if I had a chance and was up close to those two that I would probably give them a cussing. I doubt it. I'll let you know," Hooten said, laughing.

Hooten said he doesn't normally have that kind of money in his billfold. The money that was stolen, Hooten took out at the bank in anticipation of a donation at his church Sunday for a group of missionaries.

Police are looking for two tall black men in their 20s. The first man was described as wearing blue nylon pants and a light gray sweatshirt. The second man was described as wearing blue nylon pants and a black shirt.

Police ask that anyone with information concerning this, or any other crime, call the Crime Stoppers hotline at (816) 474-TIPS (474-8477).

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