Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Liberty's Law Clears 400 "Friends"; 310 Online Signatures.


Liberty's Law, a proposed ordinance for the City of Milton Georgia which would protect horses from abuse and harrassment, has past the 400 "friends" mark on Facebook and received over 310 signatures on

Support continues to gain momentum with advocates being both local and far reaching.

Liberty's Law has come about due to the abuse and harrassment endured by an old mare named Liberty who has lived on Bethany Road for over 31 years. She has been shot with paintballs, screamed at repeatedly, noise has been directed her way, and fire works have been shot above her and thrown in her pastures. The end result is a horse who will not typically graze without supervision. Even with hard evidence presented to Milton authorities, nothing was done to the offenders.

Liberty's Law will be presented in June to the Milton Georgia City Council. A specific date is being ironed out at this time.

We encourage you and others to join with us and support Liberty's Law for all of Milton Georgia's beautiful horses.

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