Thursday, February 18, 2010

T-Mobile Shares Information On Cell Tower Plans.

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An Exclusive


As discussions continue among residents regarding T-Mobile's plans to construct cell towers, we encourage you to listen to both sides before coming to a conclusion. encourages those interested in this topic to share their thoughts with us and we are more than happy to provide equal air time.

We would like to thank Ann Brooks of T-Mobile for providing this informative video on their plans for cell towers in Milton.


Anonymous said...

To Norvell and Cauley, Now do you two understand the need for additional cell towers in Milton?

Anonymous said...

Your silence is deafening!

Anonymous said...

Notice they never mention that there is NO safety issues. Why? They just don't know the long term effects. I would guess if it was being built behind your house, you might also have concerns. Milton's zoning commission did a crappy job when they put Milton's zoning rules together. I blame the city of Milton officials not T-Mobile, they are just trying to make a buck. All I can say is elections are in Nov.