Friday, February 26, 2010

My Take On Joe Longoria.

By Tim Enloe /

Since this past election, people have come to me and asked what my take is on Joe Longoria.

This is a good question.

While council member Longoria is still getting his feet wet in his new position, I can tell you that I think he is going to do well.

In sharing this, let me stress that I do not vote for people based on how often they agree with me. I vote for people who emerse themselves in the issues at hand, listen to both sides of the arguement, and make an educated decision from there.

I do not see Joe being an advocate of one side and an enemy of another. I think he will lead and leaders are what a proper governing body needs when it comes to the job.

Now, as many of you know, I am friends with Tina D'Aversa. I respect her greatly and appreciate all the hard work that she has done for Milton before the area was even incorporated in addition to her valueable time in office.

I am not going to get into the infamous ethics talk.I have no doubt that what the press has shared is merely the tip of the iceberg in regards to the true facts of the case. We have an ethics board in place which will decide that issue. Enough said on that topic.

Even with her time in office coming to a close this past fall, she still remains active in the community which is impressive and respectable. It is too bad other past council members and candidates haven't followed this positive trend.

However, my friendship of Ms. D'Aversa does not mean that I can't be friends with others. After all, the more we know our elected leaders and they understand what their constituency is wanting, the better off we will be.

So I wish Council Member Longoria the best. The future is out there. Let's see what story is yet to be told.


Kay Norvell said...

It would be a step in right direction if Joe Longoria would return emails that are sent to him from his constituents concerning important matters affecting the residents of Milton. I have written and received responses from Tina and she is no longer in office. If I have it right, he was elected to serve the residents of Milton and represent our concerns to the City Council. How do we know where he stands if he will not communicate with us?

Anonymous said...

Maybe he's in favor of cell towers and doesn't want to hear your diatribe.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it doesn't matter what he thinks since he is supposed to represent his district as a whole. It doesn'tatter either if you act professionally and courteously as a councilperson, period.

Anonymous said...

How do you know where he stands? Start with his appointments for a good clue.

Anonymous said...

Maybe his getting back to you depends on whether or not you live in Crooked Creek.