Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Truth About Tesch.

Ron Tesch
by Tim Enloe;

This editorial is about the proper and improper use of taxpayer funds. It is about equal treatment and the lack there of. It is about holding those accountable who are trusted with your hard earned tax dollars. It is about the same creating ways to stretch the dollar for a positive end result. It is about honesty and objectivity not being practiced. It is the truth about Ron Tesch.

It is not about attacking the teachers or students. If anything, those two groups fall into the victims category.

After reading both Appen & Neighbor Newspapers articles on Milton Principal Ron Tesch's retirement, I honestly felt ill.

I am a fan of authors Candy Waylock and Joan Durbin. I have enjoyed many of their articles over the years. However, their cupcakes and roses take on Tesch exiting the building was not the whole truth and nothing but the truth. If you are going to write a retirement story, then write the entire history; the good and the bad. Therefore, it is not a surprise that a dissection and correction of such magnitude would be left up to me. Who would have guessed?

First, let’s take a look at his decision to retire. In Waylock’s article, he states "There was really no defining moment that led me to the decision to retire…I've always enjoyed serving as principal…While I could have retired earlier, the thought never entered my mind (before now)."

Interesting. Tesch is one of six principals retiring from North Fulton schools this year. The Fulton County Board of Education Board is looking under every nook and cranny trying to find money to combat the misappropriation of funds spent over the last ten years. They are tightening everywhere in an attempt to right the ship - even by cutting school band programs and going after teachers employment packages. Some will blame the economy but be honest with yourself - wasn't the FCBOE complaining about not having enough money even when times were good? Maybe, just maybe, the true facts of all the over the top spending, such as the estimated $100 million that was spent for the new Milton High, was about to come to a head. Ron Tesch was one of the primary forces behind the new school. Obviously, he couldn't stand the heat so he got out of the kitchen. That, folks, is what is known as a "Coward."

As word spread about the push to kick people off their property for a new high school, neighbor ended up being pitted against neighbor and many friendships were destroyed. Everyone feared that they were in the evil cross hairs of Tesch & the FCBOE.

When they set their sights on Freemanville, the seven families who lived there fought hard to save their homes. As legal battles and threats took place, Ron T. sat back like a spider waiting for the fly. He slept easy as these families were stressed out and in tears. Firemen, police officers, and even school bus drivers pleaded with the county to locate the school elsewhere stressing how dangerous it would be to place a high school at this location due to all the long winding country roads. Such requests fell on deaf ears. This was about Ron Tesch,– no one else mattered….not even seventy acres of “rural character” his school was about to wipe off the map.

There are those of you who have allowed the opulence of what Milton High School looks like help you forget the horrific injustices that took place in the process. Would you still be so taken if you lost your home due to Tesch and the FCBOE’s lack of foresight? Better yet, what if your family member was at the end of the FCBOE eminent domain gun? How would you feel then? What about your nine acres that was once peaceful and quiet now sounds like an amphitheater? And let’s not forget the $100 million spent.If you had such monies at will, I am sure you could build something pretty too.

This editorial is by no means claiming that the original campus didn’t have issues. It did. Board member Katie Reeves even stated that when a review of Fulton County high schools transpired in 1996, Milton was at the top of their needs improvement list. Yet, I have to ask myself, what were Tesch and the infamous FCBOE doing since then? Were they not studying to be ready for the test or where they going to cheat regardless of who it affected negatively? We all know the answer. So much for this branch of government practicing what it preaches. By the way, there was no Windward Parkway in 1996; just cow pastures that were for sale…

The same mind set loves to promote MHS’s claim of being a “school of excellence.” Funny, by going to, you will find that their history states: "In the 1997-98 school year, Milton was named a Georgia School of Excellence and a Blue Ribbon Nominee. In the 1998-99 school year, the US News and World Report named Milton High School an outstanding high school, a model of excellence. Milton continued to be a vital part of the Fulton County School System characterized by economic and geographic diversity. " Why make this point? Simple. It proves that you don't have to waste tax payer dollars to have a successful school. Amazing how history has a way of clearing the air. For those unaware, the new school did not open until 2005. Do the math.

This man is a media whore and covets the spotlight like no other. In the Joan Durbin piece regarding the design of the new school, Tesch shared “I was unashamedly copying Thomas Jefferson’s architectural principles for the University of Virginia…When you look at it, it just signifies the value of teaching and learning.”

As he gave tours to past alumni before the behemoth opened in the Fall of 2005, he bragged unashamedly about the size of everything from the gym to the cafeteria. After all, to Hell with the over the top spending; this was Tesch’s hour and no one was going to rain on his parade.

When the school finally opened, Tesch relayed to the media that his precious school wanted to be "a good neighbor." However, when called before city council in February of 2007 regarding the obnoxious noise heard on a regular basis from surrounding residents, he scoffed at the concerns stating “I don’t want to have the Milton Marching Mimes.” He also relayed that the school made no more noise than the average passing car. He even lied in the same article stating that they would “even keep percussion members of the marching band indoors during practice.” To view the band outside, click here=>

In one email that I sent asking them to quiet down, Tesch simply sent over the band schedule – basically saying, “we are here – get used to it."

Other negatives that have transpired since the school arrived include horrific speeding, increased roadside trash, and backed up traffic at intersections. Does Tesch address this problem? Does Tesch reach out to the community? No. He just sits and waits for the next photo op.

Next, we come to the students. If you think that every teenager is going to end up being a lawyer or doctor, think again. I know many successful people and the overwhelming majority of them either have vocational degree or no degree at all.Thanks to Ron Tesch, programs such as horticulture, tv productions, and auto body class are no longer offered since the new campus arrived. What about the students that would have benefited from such classes?

Then there was last year’s Milton Round Up where Ronny attempted to keep vendors from selling Coke Products due to a Pepsi sponsorship agreement with the FCBOE. In addition, he complained about vehicles driving on the grass during the event. In case your wondering, the 2010 Milton Round Up will not be held at the new high school this year...

Last but not least, my wife and I experienced some of Milton’s Track Team trespassing onto our property and taunting our dogs. After a police report was written up, we never heard a word of apology or correction from Tesch or the offending students. So much for the belief of a positive representation off of campus.

In conclusion, bidding a person of Ron Tesch’s self righteous caliber farewell is an easy task. Dealing with his path of destruction, lies, and immoral behavior is a whole other affair. If you think his reign of terror is over; think again. A deadly wreck is coming to Bethany, Freemanville, or Birmingham Highway. It will be 100% related to the traffic going or coming from the new high school. That blood will be on his hands. His actions have also led to a ripple affect whose damage to Milton’s infamous “rural character” is just now beginning. I am happy he is staying local. After all, what comes around goes around…


Anonymous said...

Tim Enloe=Miltons Glen Beck.

Anonymous said...

One thing you have to admit, Tesch is pretty, isn't he.

Anonymous said...

Tesch should have been fired after the trophies were destroyed several years ago. No janitor is going to make the decision to perform such an act. The buck stops at the principal's desk.

Cooter said...

I really wonder how many kids from White Columns or The Manor really are dissapointed there is no auto body shop class?

Anonymous said...

So people of means don't have children who would be interested or benefit from an auto body shop class, it's below their IQ? is that what you are saying?

- White Columns Mom

Travis Allen said...

I graduated from Milton in 1995 with Danyelle Sargeant, who has been a broadcaster on ESPN News and Fox Sports amongst other stations. Who knows if she would have pursued that career if not for the television production classes at the old campus.

Anonymous said...

You must be unaware that Katie Reeves and the FCBOE have approved and are implementing a 4-year phasing plan for the Fulton Institute of Technology (FIT) at the (old) Milton High School in Alpharetta. This school is intended to be "Fulton County's premier technical high school" and will be available to all North Fulton high school students interested in vocational training.

The initial curriculum (partially funded by Cisco Systems) is IT-focused and is intended to prepare students for jobs in networking and information technology. Other proposed vocational pathways include Food Science and Restaurant Management, Energy Systems, Advanced Transportation Technology, Flight Operations, Radiology, Digital Design, Fire Science, Manufacturing Technology, Biotechnology and Advanced Communications.

I am not sure how the current school budget situation is affecting these plans, but I definitely prefer this regional approach to the idea of building auto shops in all new Fulton County high schools.

If you can look past your anger, you will see that there are really good things happening at the new Milton High School and other North Fulton schools.

See the following link for more information on the Fulton Institute of Technology:

Tim Enloe said...

You must be unaware of what truly went down regarding the new Milton High School. I was there - I lived it - you obviously didn't.

You must be unaware that Katie Reeves claimed the old location was no longer fit for students. Then, right as they open on Freemanville, it becomes fit for the pregnant inner city kids and now, according to you it is good enough to be a tech school. What the Hell? Every day, a different story.

You must be unaware of the constant obnoxious noise, rude teenagers, trash, and dangerous speeding that has occured since they slammed that waste of money in.

Due to such negatives, this area is in for rude awakening sooner than you think.

Look past my anger? Only a person who is blinded by the obnoxious opulence would make such statement. PEOPLE WERE FOR FORCED OUT OF THEIR HOMES DUE TO THE TESCH AND THE FCBOE NOT PLANNING AHEAD! Can we say "trail of tears"?

Could you "look past" having the same done to you, or your family? Be objective. I would love to debate you on video. Let me know the time and place.

The corrupt history of the new school will never die as long as I live here which is now rolling into 35 years come fall. Their actions will always cast a shadow over any supposed good you attempt to squeeze out.

Tim Enloe
770 653 0552

Anonymous said...


You are an absolute lunatic when it comes to a school and kids.

Buffy said...

We don't get our BMW's fixed, we just get a new one.

- A Manor Mom

Tim Enloe said...

5PM -

If you consider my fact based and objective editorial being "lunatic", then a lunatic I am.

By the way, you might want to re-read the piece. Here is a little teaser=>

"It is not about attacking the teachers or students. If anything, those two groups fall into the victims category."

Let me know a good time for the debate. We will be sure to video tape it to show how ignorant and bias you are.

All the best -

Tim Enloe
770 653 0552

Anonymous said...

One item overlooked in the praise of Tesch is the fact that he hired the best recruiter that Milton's boys basketball program has ever know. Boyd, who wears a tie out of
"respect for the game" is number one in that category.
So much for ethics and Tesch.


Anonymous said...

I have never heard bad things or complaints from parents of Milton High Schoolers. IMHO, that's who you should be talking to about this man. Don't you think?

Anonymous said...


Comparing what happened to your family and neighbors to the "trail of tears" is WAY over the top.

"horrific injustices"?

"reign of terror"?

You need to get a grip if you want your readers to seriously consider your views.

Anonymous said...

Actually I know some of the property owners personally and they were tickled pink with the amount of $ they got for their homes. Also the property values in the neighborhoods around the school have seen their values rise.

Anonymous said...

To help prove your point Tim, maybe you could video interview these people who were "forced out" of their home. Are there other folk who hate the school like you? I haven't seen any other posts about the noise and trash. Not saying they aren't, just don't remember ever seing anybody else.

Anonymous said...

I am sure Tim could get a multitude of residents who live on open roads to testify to the ridiculous speeding and the amount of trash thrown in their front yards/right of ways every day, which they maintain. The city cuts it what, twice a year?? Imagine going to your mailbox in a neighborhood and having a beer cann tossed out at your feet, or having to play chicken with the traffic to get your mail. Don't send your kids to pick up the mail, they may not live to tell about it. I get the whole thing "if you don't like it then go live in a neighborhood" idea, but just because you live on an open road doesn't mean you should have to be subjected to trash of all sorts, some sordid, to be thrown in your yard, nor drivers who don't obey the speeds set for the roads. I get why Enloe wanted to drop the speeds, most people go 5-10 mph over the speed limit anyway, so dropping it to 30 or 35 lends itself to the fact the most will drive 40-45, which was the speed limit. When no one is listening to your complaints, what else is one to do? Enloe was here first as many were, they did not chose to move into a nice neighborhood near a school, or on an open road near a school, it was forced up them and others, so when this happens to those who live here for peace and quite, for some solitude, they have no other choice then to complain and try to get someone to make a compromise to their grievances, or move. Why should they have to move, when their families have been here for over 30 years or more. Schools should be built in more commercial areas. It's not about the kids in this school at all, or the teachers, it is an abuse of power, which has gone unchecked, and continues to go unchecked.

Anonymous said...

I would specifically like to hear from the poor souls who were forced from their home.

Anonymous said...

Tim: You are losing all objectivity and credibility. Your trashing of Tesch is just ridiculous. You may have a gripe against the FBOE since they built the school, but Tesch was a Principal at another Fulton County High School (Northside?). The decision to build the school and locate it at its current site cam e from the board and Tesch had nothing to do with that. You are just plain mad because the school is near you and you have extrapolated your vicious anger to the school's Principal.

You're upset about the change that has occurred in Milton, but you are o.k. with having sewer at your property so you can hopefully sell out to a convenience store operator or other retail establishment.

You are just a very angry Nimby and your credibility is shot. As much as I have always supported you, I now realize that the City was much better off without you on the Counsel.

gnr said...

at least he has earned the right to be a nimby unlike all the jerk posers that show up at council meetings in force to support their precious julie and demand that sewer and developement be halted completely. sure would have been nice for folks to have ben around when your neighborhoods were going up maybe we wouldnt have any of you around to listen too and ruin the rural character, you know that stuff you think you are protecting but in actuality has been gone since you moved here and ruunied it for the rest of us

Tim Enloe said...


Sorry for the delay. We were in the garden all weekend. It will be our last of 34 years.

Re your comments:

4:13 - I have an article that was published by Appen Newspapers regarding the noise. If you like, I can post it here. Rest assured, there are many others who have
had issue with the constant noise pollution and traffic from the school.

Here is a link to a story I wrote. You will see a pic of the traffic that has backed up since the high school opened. It is not uncommon for people to turn around in our front yards trenching them=>

4:33 - "trail of tears" - easy comparision. Indians were forced out of their homes due
to the corrupt gov't - same here.

Re my "reign of terror" claim, you didn't see the HELL residents were put through as they feared the BOE would kick them out of their homes.

If you were in their shoes, I am sure you would deem it as a "horrific injustice" as well.
Remember, the country was founded on equal treatment after all.

5:03 - I spoke to the majority of families removed. I know that
not one property was for sale when the socialists came a calling.
If it wasn't for the families hiring lawyers, they would never have gotten what they got.
Proving that you obviously didn't attend any meetings or speak with any of them.

5:21 - Good suggestion; however, all of them have moved away to my knowledge.When you live in an area for as long these folks had, losing your property in such a fashion is like losing a family member. I can see how driving by would be terriblly difficult after the fact. I do know that one person commented in a blog on regarding the proposed freemanville
HS. In it, they basically said good riddance to the area as they were one of the families kicked out for MHS. They also called Katie Reeves "a horrible person. "

7:25 - Thanks for practicing objectivity.

7:43 - You lack objectivity. Also, please see my response to 5:03.

Finally, to 7:50

Tesch had a say. After all, didn't he boast about the columns he insisting upon? Tesch could have demanded that if they were to build a new school, then have it be built in an area where no one lived like Windward Parkway in 1996 and / or build it in a commercial zone. My statement and dealings with Tesch are 100% factual and true.

I am mad that the school is near me. What we purchased our property for, (peace, quiet, and safety) has been robbed from us since their unfortunate arrival in 05. When you hear of living on ten acres, you think of quiet and calm; not dangerous speeding and constant noise.

The NIMBY claim would be true if my family moved to the school. We didn't. We didn't even move to an area were it was just open land; families had lived there for many years. A NIMBY is a person fighting after the fact of moving to something.

Funny. We have not publically told anybody about our desire to have sewer. With this fact in mind, it is obvious that you are either a council member or a brainwashed hypocritical follower. It is true, however. Due to the school and nothing being done about our complaints; WE WILL GET SEWER and WE WILL SELL OUT TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER.

I agree with you that it was best that I am was not voted in to a council seat. Being an objective person, the double standards and hypocrisy that so many in the area now practice would truly have been too much to bear. Everything happens for a reason.

If any of you would like to come over and listen to the school, pick up personal hygiene products on our front yards, or check our mail as people speed by at 70 plus mph, you are always welcome.

Instead of all of you trying to get away from it all, you ended up bring it with you. The circle
is now complete. I am truly sorry it has come to this.

Tim Enloe
770 653 0552

Perplexed in Providence Lake said...

Tim, you can't even keep up with what you have said on this BLOG? On the "Sewer vote update" a few weeks ago, you stated that you have emailed council in reference to you "Requirement for sewer" you went on to say that two council persons are in favor. Is that not a public statement you you wanting sewer?

Anonymous said...

I think Tim said Karen and Julie promised him sewer.

Tim Enloe said...

Providence Lake:

Thanks for reminding me of this - totally slipped my mind.

What you said is correct and I apologize.

Tim Enloe
770 653 0552

Tim Enloe said...

Also, never gave any names of council members promising sewer.

Tim Enloe
770 653 0552

Anonymous said...

In the real "trail of tears" 4,000 Cherokee Indians lost their lives. And their land was in fact taken, not purchased at fair market value.

The American Indians are the only true natives of this area. They were here before your family and the wealthy horse farmers and the slave-driving cotton plantation owners. "Infamous rural character" indeed.

I guess they failed to teach this to you at the old Milton High School.

Anonymous said...

"Slave-driving cotton plantation owners" in this hardscrabble upper Piedmont? Someone needs to do some serious historical study of this area.

Tim Enloe said...

2:01 -

The comparision between the Trail of Tears and the seven families is fair. The corrupt gov't came in and removed both under threat of force. The Indians were being relocated to land out west. So they were basically forced to take this exchange just like those residents on Freemanville. I would agree with you that the one difference is the loss of life.

Regarding your "fair market value" point, I recommend you read up on eminent domain. I learned alot about this horrific socialist law when we thought the FCBOE was going to try and take our nine acres on Bethany for part of the highschool. First, the gov't comes in and says they want to purchase your property. You say "no." Then, they come back with a second higher offer. Again, you decline. Finally, if they still want it, they come in with a court order forcing your to take their supposed "Fair market" offer. If you still refuse, you can be arrested and forceably removed from your home. Also, keep in mind
that the property owner does not deterimine "fair market value"; the gov't does. To sum it up, if you don't take their offer, you are up the creek.

The American indians are not the only true "natives" of this area provided you understand the definition of the term "native." According to,
the first definition is defined as "being the place or environment in which a person was born or a thing came into being" Thus, my family as well as many
others would be defined as "native" to the area. Click here for further clarification:

"Wealth Horse Farmers"? If anything, that phrase is a contradiction in terms if you truly understood the equestrian lifestyle. The majority of folks who own horses in the area are by no means wealthy. They are pure middle class and nothing more. Your blind assumption simply assumes that they are wealthy
due to the land they own. For example, we paid $100k for our property in 1978...long before the majority of residents arrived.

I minored in Southern History at Kennesaw State. There were no cotton plantations in this area. The "Tara" lifestyle was more central and South GA. The majority of folks in the area during the Civil War were poor farmers trying to make ends meet. Neat historical note: The largest plume of cotton grown on GA record came from the Crabapple area on Green Farm.

In seeing your obvious envy regarding the horse farmers; one could easily assume that you reside in a subdivision. A subdivision that ate up a farm that helped make up
Milton's famous claim of "rural character."

I guess they failed to teach you all of this at the $100 millon dollar new Milton High School.

Tim Enloe
770 653 0552

Miltonville said...

If Milton connected the subdivisions, we'd have open road neighborhoods AND less traffic. It ain't the homeowners faults it's the community 's design. We'd better come up with some solutions though and stop just complaining or no one will listen. Tim can't be the only one. He has a valid point even to me and I live in a subdivision. (I'm lucky tho, no HOA eguals backyard chickens, a Hybrid SD :)

I admit that personally I'd like to see the City consider the idea of making our open road neighboorhoods- just that. Promote the idea of a connectedness. Take a more holistic, or whole-istic, approach for the future.

Miltonville said...

P.S. I wasn't serious about connecting the subdivisions just trying to make a point.

Anonymous said...

You can't even get more then 1 person (out of 30,000) to show up to volunteer to do the Roundup, and you think this City Council, who is so disconnected with it's people, is going to create an atmosphere of connectivity and holisticness?

Something isn't connecting upstairs!!

Anonymous said...

Could 2:29Am be Travis Allen blogging anonymously?

Travis Allen said...

No sorry, not me:

1. don't use big words like that

2. 25,000 sounds more like my guess

3. Would have just said "stupid" or "ignorant" instead of trying to creatively describe some of the nonsense.

Anonymous said...

Tim, it is time to move on and out of Milton.I gave you the Blackwelders number after they sold out to Milton High School. Yes, they were upset at first and they did hire a lawyer, not to fight the school, but to get the best offer they could. You NEVER talked to them. I know 2 of the other families and they were ready to move. One of the families took the offer the first night it was presented to them. How many of these people did you personally talk to????? As far as the band noise get over it again. It is very pleasant to hear them, a little bit of school spirit I believe people call it.

As for the speeders and the trash on our open roads, I walk every morning and how the hell can anyone speed because the roads are all backed up. The speeders are after school hours in the morning by the adults who are running late to who knows where. Why don't you get the info from the local police to see the times they are giving out tickets? I have seen adults throw out trash on our streets, yes even women. The traffic backup would be here even if they were still using the old Milton. They have to travel all the open roads to get to school , work and play. Parents need to let the kids ride the buses instead of taking little ones to school everyday. That;s where the traffic comes in.

I think Tim it is time for you to move on. I have never met anyone who is so bitter and so depressed as you are. Move on so Ginger can have some good years left in your marriage. i cannot imagine living with you and all your depression.

Good luck wherever you go and by the way SEWER WILL NOT BE ON BETHANY RD.if I have anything to do with it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tim Enloe said...

5:22 -

Funny. You think you are going to tell me what to do with our property? Think again.

We purchased our property with one aspect being "peace and quiet." Due to the school, that benefit has been taken away from us.

And by the way, not everyone likes the noise pollution from the damn high school. Ask around.

I was at numerous meetings and spoke with the property owners. How many did you go to?

Finally, quite a few Bethany residents sent a letter to Lynn Riley last year stating our requests to be in the sewerable area. She agreed and sent a support letter to the council.

Give me a call if you have the COURAGE. If not, keep hiding behind your keyboard and continue being a COWARD.

Tim Enloe
770 653 0552

Anonymous said...

Don't ever call me a coward. The people on Bethany Rd. still fight for what you have always fought for. Rural lifestyle. So now that you don't like the school and the traffic, you are ready to say goodbye to Bethany and screw all your neighbors!!!!! Well Tim it will be a long time before sewer is permitted on Bethany. How long are you willing to sit back and listen to the band and watch the traffic before you sell out to whomever will purchase your house? We will be watching to see what you try to pull.

Tim enloe said...

Call me - 770 653 0552

Anonymous said...

I find this all funny, because the new Roswell High School did wonders for business and growth for all of the once farmland that surrounded it. Now, our major highway runs through it while the New MHS congests and disturbs. Although the area of direct proximity to Milton is not as developed as Roswell, I find it of interesting comparison.

Anonymous said...

You fight so much to keep the rural character, but you want sewer so you can sell out to the highest bigger!!!!!!!!!!!!