Monday, May 10, 2010

"Riddle Me Milton" Mon..ur, uh Tuesday!"


"Riddle Me Milton" is sponsored by Milton's very Own Bobby G's Chicago Eatery!

Every Monday, we will be sharing a riddle that will focus on stories that we have posted right here in the news blogg.

If you are the first to figure out the riddle, you will recieve one of Bobby G's very own authentic CHICAGO HOTDOGS FREE!

If no one gets that week's riddle right, we will upload another one the following Monday.

Congrats to Mrs. Jeanette Citta as she guessed correctly when she answered:



I bring the relaxed calm to the swaying trees,
as you smile with a sigh of hopeful relief.

I offer the sweet existence of pure placidness,
as you close your tired eyes yearning for rest.

I am the perfect asset for the movie you wanted to see,
making sure no one makes a sound, even that baby in row three.

I provide the soundtrack of still as you toil in the garden with plants in hand,
Insuring that time spent here is stress free; just you and the land.


Answers must be sent to / subject line "Riddle Me Milton" with your answer within the body of the email.

Winner limited to one prize per month! So, if you've already won for this month, you don't qualify for another chance at winning until the following month.

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Anonymous said...

3 shots of jack daniels

Travis Allen said...

Tim, I'd think the answer would be Milton High School since it supplies the soundtrack for when you're working in the garden!