Thursday, October 22, 2009

News from Council Member Alan Tart (District 6 - At Large)

Dear Milton Friends, Neighbors, and Supporters:

It is my honor to endorse Ms. Tina D'Aversa (Incumbent, Milton City Council - District 5, At-Large) for re-election. I have had the pleasure of getting to know Tina as a colleague and friend over the past two and half years. Tina has a PROVEN track record of positive leadership on our city council, and she has my vote on November 3. This is why:

Relative to growth and development - During her three year tenure on city council, Tina has supported managed and appropriate growth and development in our city. She has been consistent in voting against requested variances to our zoning ordinance. This is important for many reasons.. Our zoning ordinance provides protection to adjacent landowners and ensures consistent, harmonious development. Along with our land use plan, it ensures that land is developed at the appropriate densities. Thus, by law, we are only supposed to award variances when an extreme hardship is proven. Tina can be trusted to only vote in favor of high quality, appropriately-placed development that adheres to our zoning ordinance and land use plan.

Relative to sewer extension - Last September, Tina voted to oppose efforts to extend sewer service in our city last September. Sewer provides the foundation necessary for high density development to occur. With high density development comes more traffic, more congestion, and more storm water runoff which endangers our waterways. Some would have you believe that density can be controlled through zoning. While that may be true in theory, there are no examples of that working in the State of Georgia. In addition, politicians decide zoning, and politicians have been known to change their positions. Sewer is the only sure way to prevent high density development from encroaching into the interior of our city. Tina can be trusted to stand firm against efforts to extend sewer.

Relative to parks and recreation - Tina supports the addition of parkland and development of our existing parks. Her experience in the area of parks and recreation is an invaluable asset to our city council. She sponsored the resolution to form the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board and will soon propose formation of the Parks and Recreation Authority, which will allow the city to seek alternative sources of revenue for parks acquisition and development. Tina can be trusted to support both passive and active parks and recreation which will improve the quality of life of our citizens.

Relative to fiscal responsibility, efficiency, and governance - Tina is an advocate for lean, fiscally conservative government that is also open and transparent. She has long supported termination of the $7.6 million, flat fee contract with CH2M Hill. As it was originally drafted, it lacked performance measures and financial oversight, and it failed to include language that allowed us to know exactly what services we were getting with your tax dollars. With the recent termination of this contract and transition to a more traditional governmental model, the city will realize significant savings. Tina can be trusted to ensure that your tax dollars are used wisely and in a manner that improves our quality of life.

On November 3, it is important that you choose a leader for the District 5 Milton City Council seat that has a PROVEN track record of supporting the Vision upon which our City was founded.

Tina can be TRUSTED to not succumb to political pressure or pressure from the development community.

Tina can be TRUSTED to be fiscally conservative with your tax dollars.

Tina has and will continue to work tirelessly to improve the quality of life for ALL of our citizens in Milton and to ensure inclusiveness for all our citizens regardless of ethnicity, background, or ability level.

Please join me in supporting Tina D'Aversa - a PROVEN leader for Milton City Council!


Alan TartCouncil Member (District 6, At Large)
Cell: 678-464-8550

Courtesy Friends of Alan Tart 125 Aven Court Milton GA 30004


Anonymous said...

We know, we know, we know. How many times must this be told?!

Anonymous said...

What growth?!? The economy is dead.

Pick a new subject such as - use of good judgement - as the new way to choose a council member.

Anonymous said...

Just wait til Bethany Rd. residents ask the City Council for sewer extension Alan so that we can have the same subdivision like Avensong over here. Oh is that going to be a no to us but it was o.k. for your subdivision. The traffic is because of all the sewer subdivisions but beware whats fair for ya'll may be a lawsuit to the city for all of the acreage owners around town. We are tired of hearing from all of you!!!!

Anonymous said...

Avensong is high density and has had sewer long before Milton and Milton Council was even thought of.

That was a decision taken by Fulton County in respect of Alpharetta unincorporated.

Don't hold Council members accountable for things they had nothing to do with.

And yes if Sewer tries to 1 acre properties on Bethany Road you can be damn sure the neighborhoods around are going to fight it!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Alan, Tina can be trusted - to attempt to BRIBE her opponent to get him out of the race. If you did anything like that as a federal employee, you'd be prosected!

Anonymous said...

The neighborhoods around Bethany Road are sewer already and all in the City of Alpharetta! Mayfield Rd, which connects at Bethany Rd. already has sewer running up it. Yeah like they could fight for us against sewer if we wanted it. Yes Avensong was before Milton, but we may want to enjoy sewer one day and I will not elect anyone who tells me it is a definite NO!!!!!!!!!!! Most of us on Bethany have been here for 20 years or more, yes before Avensong, White Columns, Crooked Creek or Champions View. Who are you to tell us what we can or cannot have. We may have just been grandfathered in by Fulton County and maybe there won't be a thing that Milton can do about it! We are tired of the traffic, mostly school traffic going to the 3 schools on Birmingham Hwy. No kids seem to ride the bus anymore. They seem to be too good for that! This would also be a great commercial location! Just a continuation from the community of Crabapple up Mayfield Rd!!!

Anonymous said...

I totally agree. It is hystrical to hear those who came after those of us who were here long before it was the place to be.

I purchased my twenty acres in 1985and have a small house on Freemanville.

Unless this city starts treating the citizenry like myself with respect, I will sell my property to whoever the hell I want. Better yet, give me a tax break - a property like mine is what makes this area different - not the dayum subdivisions!!!!

Tim Enloe said...


It is rare for me to comment, but I could not hold out in this instance.

My family has lived here for going on 33 years. Far longer than the overwhelming population of Milton today.

The majority of what we refer to as "newcomers" live in subdivisions. This is a fact. Due to all of the old farm land being developed as such, the once quite roads such as Bethany have turned into miniature GA400s with speeders, trash, and traffic daily. Just the other day, an officer pulled someone over on Bethany Road for going 72mph in our 40mph zone. We also receive 4500 cars a day on our road when it used to be maybe twenty.

When I was a boy, it was rare to see a car come drive down...maybe one or so an hour. We actually played in the street when we were kids because there was no one here!

Factoring in the negative issues of increased traffic along with the obnoxiously loud new Milton High, living on Bethany is no longer enjoyable. Ask Alan Tart how loud it is - he has been over and heard what we experience daily and it is ridiculous.

Another thing to consider is that the lots on Bethany range from 2 acres up to fifty. One of the benefits of having a larger lot is to enjoy more peace and quiet. That is no longer the case due to Milton High and all the traffic. Better yet, I can tell you that a home in Avensong is quieter than on our property.

Suffice to say, unless the speeding and noise are controlled, we too are looking to sell our nine acres and move on.

Would it be hard to do? Yes, it would be like killing a family member. However, life is too short to live in an area that you no longer enjoy.

With that hard choice, we would have to sell for the most amount of money to make it worth it. Of course, that would be development with sewer.

However, if our newer neighbors of Avensong and the like do not want folks such as my family to sell out, then please work with us on shutting up Milton High and controlling the speeds in the open road neighborhoods.

Bottom line folks - a home is meant to be a repreive, not a jail sentence. All the growth has created a great amount of unhappiness for many of those who truly practice the rural lifestyle.

Work with us to fix it, or we will do what so many others have done to date. Don't complain, that is how Avensong, White Columns, Crooked Creek, etc came to be.

Keep safe,

Tim Enloe
770 653 0552