Friday, October 23, 2009

Join Joe for Straight Talk and Honest Answers!

You are invited to Join JOE LONGORIA
for Straight Talk and Honest Answers!

Tuesday October 27 - 6:30-8:30 pm
12650 Crabapple Road
Donations Appreciated But Not Required
Complimentary Appetizers

Ron and Kate Wallace
Dr. Gary and Janet Willis
Buck and Dorris Bell
Mike and Laura Wysong
Mike and Laurene Stevens
Ron and Kim Witthohn
Dan and Laurie Bruner
Dave and Ann Schwartz
Gordon and Brooke Hunter
Dave and Jane Hemingway
Marvin and Susan Steele
Steve and Mary Hernandez
Chuck and Ann Marie Sallusti
Karen Eskew
Joe Craemer
Dave and Janet Sweet
Adam Orkin
Bill and Denise Garrigan
Tom and Sarah Tull
Craig and Amy Todd
Liz Lawson
Jeff and Rose Longoria

If you would like to learn more about me or my positions, please feel free to
contact me directly at: or 770-634-0080.


I respectfully ask for your support and urge you to
vote on Tuesday, November 3rd.

Joe Longoria
14341 Club Circle
Milton, GA 30004
Candidate for Milton City Council 2009
District 5
Remember to vote on November 3rd!

Courtesy Paid for by the Friends of Joe Longoria 14341 Club Circle Milton GA 30004


Anonymous said...

So Ron Wallace is supporting Tina, Longoria, Lusk, and Thurman. Why not have an event for the other guys too? Only Ron is winning in this election, in his cash register. Hurrah for Capitalism!Now if Karen and Bill can win he can help them with that secret foundation to develop the rest of that corner.

Anonymous said...

Why are you charging $150 to hear debates on Wednesday, October 28th when it was free at the Forum. Whose pocket is that money going into and why?

In this economy, $150 is a goodly amount for something I should be able to hear for free. Maybe I will vote for the other guys, Tina, Bernard, and Al. They aren't charging anything.

Anonymous said...

I thought I saw Adam Orkin on the October 11 sponsor list for Tina D'Aversa at the Joe Lockwood meet & greet. I'm confused. Why did he switch sides?

Anonymous said...

Straight Talk? Wasn't that John Kerry's campaign rhetoric when he was running for President, or was that Joe Biden. I knew it sounded familiar.

Shoot, wrong again, it was John Edwards running with Kerry in 2004.

July 08, 2004, 11:20 a.m.
A Clear Choice
With John Edwards, John Kerry has added clarity to the presidential election.

Good one Joe Longoria, hope your Clear Choice motto works better for you then Edwards and Kerry.

You Betcha!

Anonymous said...

Maybe Adam Orkin was one of the two people who left after Tinas speech at the Lockwoods house and asked for his check back. Why not call him and ask him point blank instead of assumimg!!!!!!! This is where all the problems come in. Maybe you have not read the updates today about Tina asking Orkin to remove the campaign signs from the Target area on Hwy 9. When he refused evidently she came back and said she would not frequent those stores anymore. Cry me a river Tina. Threats are getting her no where but hopefully unelected. Also she told Buck Bell that if he did not Longorias, Lusks and Thurmans signs from in front of his stores down in Crabapple that she would not go back there anymore. Making threats is just what we need in a city council person. Wake up people and do not let her get back into office!!!!!!!!! You may be the next target of her threats!!!! What would you do in this situation? I hope you would switch sides. Think long and hard before you go vote. If you don't like either one than don't vote for them.

Anonymous said...

I did not see Tinas sign down in front of the Olde Blind Dog. I think it was further down the strip. Go look again as I will also.

Anonymous said...

I guess the Bethany Road HS is not an important issue for Joe Longoria. Considering all of Crooked Creek will be attending High school at this location, Joe Longoria should have at least showed his face. Is this the kind of representation Milton wants, a guy who doesn't even care about the planning of this HS which is going to have a MAJOR impact on the traffic around Hopewell, Hwy 9, Cogburn, and Bethany. Too busy plotting last night with Karen and Bill on how to slander their opponnents, since that's the only whay they think they can win. Hope Milton sets them straight. We are sick of nasty politics and the slime the opponent campaigns. Milton got rid of O'Brien and Mohrig for that very reason.

Anonymous said...

Tina should print the email that Adam Orkin sent to her first, which prompted her response. Then maybe everyone can make a fair assessment of who Orkin really is.

Anonymous said...

They all have switched sides, especially your Mayor who thinks it's better to have Karen and Bill on council who he thinks he can control now to do HIS work. He has shared this philosophy with many many people who have called him and asked him what is he doing supporting Bill and Karen now. What about what the People of the city, what do we want? Last time I checked this city belongs to the people. He changed his voting habits over the last year voting along Karen and Bill, why?? Suddenly he is pro sewer extension, pro developers? Birds of a feather flock together. The Mayor has turned his back on the people of Milton and his campaign promises in favor of his close buddies (Mike Collins is Karen Thurmans brother and Joe Lockwood's good friend to name just one), and the developers around this city. Too bad he is running un opposed, I think the people of this city would oust him for the ridiculous idea of supporting Karen Bill and Tina all at the same time. That's like supporting two rival football teams at the same time.

Joe is mad at Tina and so are His supporters because she is NOT playing along with their GAME, Milton. I want someone who is NOT going to play their GAME representing me on Council, not some robot like Burt Hewitt who votes however Joe does down the line. Is that what you want Milton? If you want a council all in bed together then vote for Thurman, Lusk, and Longoria, who will side with Lockwood and of course tag along Hewitt.

Anonymous said...

Do you know how to tell when a lawyer is lying? When you see his/her lips moving. Could this also apply to politicians?