Thursday, December 18, 2008

Pantless Boy Found In Target in Milton

Appen Newspapers

December 16, 2008MILTON - Milton police arrested a 38-year-old Twinrose Way mother Dec. 3 after her young son was found with no pants, shoes or jacket in the SuperTarget on Ga. 9.The boy said he'd ran away from home because his mother had allegedly beaten him with a telephone cord after discovering he'd been burning things again.

According to the incident report, the boy had tried to hide burnt pencils and napkins from his mother by taking them out with the trash. He admitted to police he "likes to burn things."His mother discovered the items and allegedly began beating him with nearly two feet of telephone cord while he was backed into a corner.The boy ran off when he had the chance, he said. He later told police his mother locked the door behind him and told him to stay outside.

The cold child ran into the SuperTarget because it was the first business he'd found that was open, he said.When questioned, the mother allegedly admitted to "spanking him, but not with her hand." She said the boy has a problem with fire and had burnt hamburgers so bad the fire department had to be called.The woman was largely uncooperative during the investigation, said officers, and was charged with second degree cruelty to children.The boy, who police said had marks in the shape of looped telephone cord, was taken to Hughes Spalding Childrens Hospital and turned over to DFACS staff. Officers said the boy's aunt had earlier refused custody, and he has no other relatives in Georgia.


Anonymous said...

Where was Alan Zahner Bailey when this situation happened? Isn't this his district?

Anonymous said...

he was inspecting meat

Anonymous said...

Now that sounds like a lot of Baloney?

Anonymous said...

I guess this proves that JZB wears the pants in her family.

Anonymous said...

Are you saying the little boy was her husband?