Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Dog Found On Freemanville

Hello Neighbors,

A dog was found by the Nadler's near the intersection of Freemanville and Redd Road. ?They took him to the vet and sadly there is no microchip. As you can tell from his photo, this sweet guy has been looking for food for some time.

There was another dog seen lost near the same spot but has not been saved from harm yet. ?We are not sure if these two are related. ?

Do you know anything about this dog? ?Could it belong to one of your neighbors? ?Could one of you have it in your heart to adopt him and give him a chance in a happy home?

Please contact Todd Nadler at 770.619.0660 or Patti Silva at 678.234.9141.

Please make sure to pass this email to all of your contacts in our area.

Many Thanks!!
Patti Silva

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