Wednesday, December 10, 2008

New Poll Up / Adjusted.

Due to the annoucement that the Milton Round Up has moved to the public schools in Crabapple next fall, we have a new poll up. This month's question ask:

"Should the City Of Milton delay any extra projects due to the decrease in property values / lower tax base?"


Anonymous said...

Have they decided road maintenance is an "EXTRA" project? My street looks like a third world...,oops, underdeveloped country road.

Anonymous said...

Just be glad you have a road, some people dont even have a road. How about shoes, do you have shoes? Some people dont even have shoes. How a bout sewer, do you have sewer? Some folks dont even have sewer?

Anonymous said...

You can be thankful for anything you like, but I'll decide what I will be thankful for. I was referring to the condition of my street, not shoes or sewer.....spare me from your holier than thou attitude.

Anonymous said...

Excuse me!!! I will decide what I want for you and I, and will make sure it is done at all costs. So you straighten up right now and forget about what you want.