Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Milton Council Establishes Three New Committees

by Jason Wright / Appen Newspapers

December 09, 2008 MILTON - City Council established a Parks and Recreation Advisory Board, a Ga. 9 Design Guideline Committee and a Historic Preservation Committee at its meeting Dec. 1.• The Parks and Recreation Advisory board will be staffed by seven volunteers tasked with developing a parks and recreation ordinance. Councilwoman Karen Thurman nominated Mark Reed, Councilman Bill Lusk nominated Lauren Jackson, Councilwoman Tina D'Aversa nominated Tom Mulroy and Councilman Alan Tart nominated Sandy Shelley.• The Ga. 9 Design Guideline Committee will be staffed by 14 volunteers, representing an equal mix of business and homeowners in the Ga. 9 area. They will weigh potential revisions to the Ga. 9 Overlay District, and if revisions are made, could eventually be pared down to a seven-member recommending body for review of cases in the area. Mayor Joe Lockwood nominated Dennis Potts, Thurman nominated former Councilman Rick Mohrig, Lusk nominated Rodney Reese, D'Aversa nominated Adam Orkin and Tart nominated Brenda Hemphill.• The Historic Preservation Committee will be staffed with 14 volunteers tasked with creating a Historic Preservation Ordinance. Thurman nominated Gordon Hunter, Lusk nominated Norman Broadwell and, as an "assistant," local historian Billy Bates. D'Aversa nominated Travis Allen and J.T. Adams.The committees still need a number of volunteers. Interested parties should contact volunteer coordinator Linda Blow at 678-242-2489.In other news, council:• Approved unanimously a little more than $449,000 task order with Kimley-Horn and Associates Inc. for Milton's Transportation Master Plan. Due to an 80-20 funding match, Milton will pay just shy of $90,000 for the work, which Public Works Director Dan Drake said will take 18 months.• Approved unanimously a modification to the Fulton County Service Delivery Strategy Agreement to allow participation by the South Fulton Municipal Regional Water and Sewer Authority. City Attorney Ken Jarrard said the modification does not involve Milton (it affects Union City, Fairburn and Palmetto), but due to its contract the county must have all cities in Fulton who receive county water sign off on the move.

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