Friday, May 23, 2008

Mayor, Baseball Player Help Organize First Milton Bank.


A mayor and a baseball player are among the organizers of First Milton Bank, which will be a full-service community bank servining Milton and surrounding parts of North Fulton, Forsyth and Cherokee counties.Garland Pinholster, vice chairman of the Georgia Department of Transportation, leads the group of area business and community leaders for First Milton Bank, in organization.

Milton Mayor Joe Lockwood and of J.K. Lockwood Construction, and San Fransicso Giant baseball player Ryan Klesko join Pinholster as organizers. Other organizers are: Brent Baker, Brent Baker Inc.; Roy Bennett, president and CEO of First Milton Bank, IO; J.L. Howell, Polo Realty; Charles Hutson, Hutson Homes; David Mancuso, senior vice president of First Milton Bank IO; Dean Myers, CSC General Contractors; George Shropshire, Bartow Paving; Chuck Shultz, Summit Business Services; Richard Spear, KP&H LLC; David Walker, a manufacturing executive; and Orlando Wilson, 21st Century Holdings.After receiving approval from the Georgia Department of Banking and Finance, First Milton Bank IO, is preparing for the sale of stock.

The organizing group has a temporary office across the street from the proposed bank's permanent location, 13941 Cumming Highway in Milton near the intersection of Bethany Bend and Cumming Highway.Roy Bennett will serve as the bank's president and CEO. He has more than 30 years of banking experience, and has served in management and executive positions including president and CEO.Organizers anticipate opening First Milton Bank in spring. For information, call 678 672-3204.


Anonymous said...

Strike ONE !

Anonymous said...

What is strike 2 and 3?

Anonymous said...

The last two you get before being called out.

Anonymous said...

Oh, you mean like "OB" Curry?

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