Friday, October 01, 2010

Milton resident new VP for global security company.

Courtesy Appen Newspapers.

Milton – Atlanta-based SecureWorks Inc., a leading global provider of information security services protecting 2,900 clients worldwide, announced today that Jeffrey Longoria has joined the company as vice president of North America Channel Sales and Business Development.

Longoria will lead the channel sales team, whose goal is to partner with select technology firms that in turn will resell SecureWorks' information security services to targeted industries. Within 90 days of joining SecureWorks, Longoria headed negotiations and structured a relationship with Dell computers, which will begin selling SecureWorks' information security services to its clients by the end of 2010.

"Creating new channels for selling our information security services is one of the keys to opening new markets and driving incremental revenue for SecureWorks within North America," said Tyler Winkler, executive vice president, SecureWorks. "Jeffrey's vast experience in building channel programs will serve as a strong foundation for growing alliances and partner relationships at SecureWorks."

Longoria has served as an executive for numerous technology companies. For more than 25 years, he has built and operated successful channel programs centered on solutions from companies such as Microsoft and IBM. He is known throughout the industry for achieving aggressive sales goals by building key relationships with technology and consulting firms. As senior vice president of sales at ProAmerica, in less than five years Longoria grew sales from zero to $100 million, heading a channel program that sold midrange IBM hardware and software.

Longoria received his Bachelor of Science degree in computer science from the University of North Texas. He is actively involved in the Atlanta business community and in a variety of social organizations, including the Boy Scouts of America.

SecureWorks is a market-leading provider of world-class information security services with over 2,900 clients worldwide.

Organizations of all sizes, including more than 15 percent of the Fortune 500, rely on SecureWorks to protect their assets, improve compliance and reduce costs.


Anonymous said...

Is he any relation to the Longoria on our city council? If so isn't that a conflict of interest? Maybe that is why the city council changed the ethics board make up so they could just sweep this one "under the rug"?

Anonymous said...

What conflict of interest? This person isn't doing business with the city.

Anonymous said...

Well he may be related to coouncilman Joe Longoria and that is probably why he got the job. What if he gives Joe part of his salary since they only hired him because he was related to a high ranking official.

Anonymous said...

You are kidding, right?

Anonymous said...

No, not at all. He is not what you think. Behind the big goofy smile and gray hair, he is sneaky and would do something like this to help out his brother at the taxpayers expense. Just like he is trying to gat Crooked Creek. Who do you think will gain personally from that? Both of them.

Anonymous said...

Hogwash! He only wants to thank Tim for the logo and eliminate gas stations. He drives an electric Porsche you know.

Anonymous said...

For years, residents of the east side of Milton urged Tina D'Aversa, Julie Zahner Bailey and Alan Tart to do something about the traffic problems on Highway 9and Cogburn Road. THEY DID NOTHING!

I am thrilled that Joe Longoria is listening to residents and actually trying to do something that solves our problems.

If the current members of City Council are not trying to solve your problems - related to speeding, public safety or whatever - vote for someone who will.

Anonymous said...

This isn't about helping with traffic and safety but getting his frickin deadbeat brother a job, last poster. Get a clue!

Anonymous said...

Someone needs to bring him up on ethics charges.

Anonymous said...

Karen would be the expert at finding someone to do that, but she has probably run out friends, or ex-councilmen?