Thursday, October 14, 2010

Bringing cultures together through golf.

by Jonathan Copsey / Appen Newspapers

Milton - The eighth Atlanta-Kauai Team Challenge took place Friday, Oct. 8 on the Alpharetta Athletic Club's golf course, featuring 16 young golfers from both the Atlanta area and Kauai, Hawaii.

The competition was created in 1998, when Atlanta Junior Golf Association Director Marilee Giddings and her Kauai counterpart, Mary Bea Porter King, decided to create a tournament pitting both Atlanta and Hawaii against each other. Kauai is the fourth-largest island of Hawaii.

Sixteen youths, both boys and girls, take part. The visiting team stays with the host team, making the tourney just as much about forging new friendships and cultural exchanges as it is about playing golf.

Every year, the course changes, alternating between Atlanta and Kauai.

"Some parts of the country have a different culture than others," said Atlanta Junior Golf Director Matt Hooper, who himself played in the challenge in 1999. "This tournament brings kids together to play golf and make new friends."

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Anonymous said...

Great article - mentions "Challenge", "Competition". "Tournament" and "pitting...against" but never says WHO WON the darn thing!!!