Friday, October 01, 2010

Milton battles over horse logo.


All please be advised that we received a request to repost the "corrected" version of the Milton Herald article below today; 10.04.10.

by Jonathan Copsey / Appen Newspapers

Milton – There comes a point when enough is enough.

That's where Tim Enloe, the operator of popular Web site, is at. He claims the City of Milton stole the Web site's logo to use as their own. What makes his claim surprisingly valid is the evidence he says backs him up.

"I'm tired of wasting my life explaining the story a thousand times," said Enloe, who frequently uses the image at public events and just as frequently gets asked if he has permission to use the city's logo. Looking at the two pictures together, Enloe's frustration is certainly justifiable. Both feature a stylized horse running to the right.

Well before Milton was a city, Enloe, who grew up in the area, created his Web site AccessMilton in anticipation of the county reforming. On it, he chose to create a logo that best represented the area the grew up in – rural, horse farms, idyllic country life. So he created a running horse.

"I've been around horses since I was a kid," said Enloe. "I kept hearing about how Milton wanted to hold onto the horses. So I said 'I'm going to go ahead and create a horse.'" So a horse it was.

Even though the county never materialized, the city did, and the Web site changed focus to identify more with the community. Enloe first noticed the city's logo at a meeting at Hopewell Elementary School to discuss a runoff election for council seats.

"I saw the symbol and thought it looked very familiar," he said. "All they did was angle and shade it."

Using the Internet Wayback Machine, a site which stores old versions of Web sites, Enloe looked up his site and noted that the first time his horse logo shows up is March 18, 2006. The city was not voted on until July, and, according to the Wayback Machine, no city site was created until November 15, 2006.

The city contends the logo was created by CH2M Hill, the private firm that helped run most of the city services when it first incorporated. This included creation of a Web site and city logo.

"The City of Milton's logo was designed and provided by CH2M Hill OMI and received and used by the City of Milton in good faith, as part of the city's contract with the company in 2007," said City Manager Chris Lagerbloom in a statement. "The City of Milton will continue monitoring the situation and will coordinate with CH2M Hill OMI to ensure any issues with the logo are appropriately addressed."

To view the Wayback Machine, visit and type in "" or "" in the field. Results are divided by date.


Anonymous said...

I was at the new Liquor store, that was allowed thanks to Julie Zahner Bailey and all her strict rules across the street so that it was allowed vs the Barn being able to have a small respectable liquor sales area, and I noticed their logo of a horse on the sign. It looks just like Tim's!

Tim you should go after them too. Has anyone else noticed the liquor store's logo?

Travis Allen said...

It really ticks me off that our city manager is backing CH2M Hill on this.

Really, what other things are we still blaming on that company? Oh yeh, the $850K that we fired Aaron Bovos for...from everything I've heard it wasn't his fault, but someone elses, who we allowed to leave on HER own terms, then eventually hired back, glad she's gone for good now.

CH2M Hill flat out lied about designing the logo, and I have lost an infinite amount of respect for Chris Lagerbloom if he indeed not only believes they designed it, but continues to support that story.

Anonymous said...

So Travis - you sound pretty bent about this. Did you give the logo to Tim and you are just bitter that someone hasnt stroked you?? Sounds like Joe thanked Tim for the logo so what else should happen here? Maybe the city should hire a sky writer and profess undying devotion to you all for the picture of a horse? Or maybe they can exhume Jaques Cousteau and have him gather up all the worlds sea horses to sing a tribute to your chicken scratch image that resembles a horse? What about getting the Milton Band drum corpse to front for Mr Ed in a singing tribute to the ghost horse of access milton??

Or is all this just a prelude to costing the city yet more money in a useless lawsuit? Oh yeah - thats the ticket isnt it??

Remember the day when lawyers existed to help you work through some legal paperwork and not help you make a living off others? Man up - you didnt find the cure to cancer - you drew a half dozen crooked lines. I can't imagine the pain you must be suffering having to explain to people that your lines are similar to someone elses lines.

Anonymous said...

How about if everyone get real and admits that it is just a stupid clip art image and get over it?

Anonymous said...

Believe the post 5:50 PM needs to clean up her act and acknowledge the need for the city to give credit where credit is due. Tim Enloe DID design the horse logo, not CH2M Hill. He has not asked for money, just acknowledge that this is his design.

Travis Allen said...

I didn't design it, and never claimed to have done so. I just hate that city continues to deny credit where credit is due.

It seems as though so just think this is some kind of joke, but it isn't.

We've had CH2M Hill take credit for this logo and former city council members take credit for ideas / events that did not originate with them...and problem is, most folks just go on believing what they hear first.

Chris's response seems like he's following a script, people close to Tim knew about this issue before the city was incorporated, it's not some issue that just popped up recently.

Anonymous said...

Tim: What do you want?

Do you just credit for the design or something more?

Tim Enloe said...

5:25AM -

Good question.

I have never had a desire for any monetary gain or legal pursuits with the city using the logo.

If they every tried to pay me, (which I doubt), I would insist that such monies go to the fire and police departments. After all, they keep our families safe and are a great asset to Milton.

I simply want credit just so I don't have to explain it over and over and over again. Much like they sent out a press release regarding the recent Round Up logo being designed by a Milton resident, why can't they do the same in this case?

I want to stress that City Manager Lagerbloom worked very hard on getting the council to give the proper credit over the last few months, but council refused to act.

Finally, I do not blame council for this issue; I believe CH2 put some logo choices in front of them and they happened to choose the AM horse. However, when you consider the seats they now hold, it does fall under city council's responsibility to make this issue right and simply be done with it.

Tim Enloe
770 653 0552

Travis Allen said...

And I'd like to point out that I said "if" in reference to Chris's beliefs.

Anonymous said...

If you notice, the city is slowing doing away with the version of the horse you are all talking about. Soon it will be a moot point. Police badges, city vehicles, and letterhead are all being changed.

Anonymous said...

And don't forget about the liquor store logo, has Tim and Travis visited them yet for acknowledgement?

Anonymous said...

If Joe has already thanked Tim then what about Alan, his district is right next to Joe's?

Anonymous said...

For clarification, no one from council ever thanked tim. the writer of this article used that fake anonymous letter from a few posts back, beleiving it was council. there's a correction in the herald this week on page 2.

Travis Allen said...


What the heck are you talking about?

The city website, all letterhead I've seen recently, including e-mail press releases, and the logos for both the Mayor's Run and Milton Roundup ALL include the horse logo!

The logo is pretty big at the top left of the city website, can't miss it.

Anonymous said...


If you are so hell bent on resolving this then why dont you just cal CH2MHill and get it done. I will throw you a quarter for the call.

Anonymous said...

you people sound like a bunch of babbling high school gossips! what's right is right, if Tim designed it - admit it and move on.

Anonymous said...

Not sure, but anyone can use the logo unless it is registered.
If it is trademarked or patented or whatever, then it belongs to them.

End of story.

Anonymous said...

Regardless, the logo was designed by Tim Enloe, no one else. Unbelievable that the city and council has yet to acknowledge that this is true and acknowledge him. Perhaps they do not like the idea of being branded as theives - taking without permission. This is what it amounts to and nothing else.

Anonymous said...

Tim, why haven't you posted the CORRECTION in the Milton Herald regarding this "battle".

Tim Enloe said...

I have. Please read the NOTE at the top of the story.


Tim Enloe
770 653 0552

Anonymous said...

Tim, have you approached the liquor store owner yet?

Anonymous said...

Who cares, obviously anyone can use the logo for profit at will, so can we move on to the next ORN story?

Anonymous said...

The City obtained a service mark on the logo in 2007. It is registered with the Georgia Secretary of State. Tim knows this and conveniently omitted it from his story and comments.

Anonymous said...

Does not matter 4:59. Tim created the logo long before the city swiped it. The city is obiviously in the wrong here.

Anonymous said...

Hey post 4:59 AM, the first sentence should read - "The city obtained a service mark on 'Tim
Enloe's' logo in 2007."
My dismay is why the city of Milton will not give him credit for the design. Believe the previous post " city and council do not want to be branded as theives" holds merit. Talk about eithics?