Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Judge Orders City To Hear Crescent Communities Apartment Proposal.

Last year, the Milton City council rejected a proposal to build a 256 apartment complex on Deerfield Parkway. The developer , Crescent Communities, took them to court and won forcing Milton to reconsider an application under its Form-Based Code.

The proposal calls for 128 one-bedroom and 128 two-bedroom apartments in 12 three-story buildings on a 20-acre property which borders Walmart, Frys, and Milton City Hall.

Milton's concerns include:

The entire first floor to be used for non-residential functions or residential lobbies, leasing offices, fitness centers, or multi-purpose rooms serving the Residential Function, or
More than 50 percent of the total floor area is dedicated to office, retail, or lodging functions.
The city's Design Review Board even suggested some tenants could include Starbucks, Laundromat and an eatery.

The other concern is storage space. The proposed apartments have no storage space and 300 square feet feet is required, leave the possibility of storage needs overflowing to outside of the dwelling. 

The Milton Planning Commission and the Community Development staff also recommended that City Council turn down the proposal.

No word yet on how much space has been reserved for horses and gardens. 

You can review the entire proposal in pdf format here.

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