Monday, December 07, 2009

Who needs reindeer?

Why rely on eight tiny reindeer (nine if you count Rudolph) when you can make a big entrance in a helicopter? That’s what Santa Claus, in this case being played by big-hearted city volunteer Tim Enloe, chose for Milton’s first official tree lighting Nov. 30 at the corner of Webb Road and Ga. 9. Here, he springs from the copter with a mighty ‘Ho Ho Ho!’

Courtesy Jason Wright / Appen Newspapers

December 07, 2009 MILTON - As his reindeer were resting up for the big day, when Santa Claus made his big entrance at Milton's first official tree lighting Nov. 29, he did it in style.

To the wonder and delight of the many children in attendance, the jolly old fat man — spoiler alert for any children reading, it was city volunteer Tim Enloe doing his best impression in a padded suit — and Mayor Joe Lockwood flew to the ceremony in a helicopter. It landed in front of the Target on Ga. 9, directly behind the tree.

The Hopewell Middle School chorus serenaded the audience with holiday tunes and there were plenty of cookies and cocoa thanks to Target.

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