Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Milton launches reinvigorated Adopt-A-Road program

Courtesy Atlanta Journal Constitution.

That old eyesore, roadside litter, has a newly invigorated foe in the city of Milton.

A volunteer committee of Milton residents called Milton Grows Green have revamped the city's adopt-a-road program. They hope to encourage more citizens and civic groups to remove trash from the roadways.

Seventeen road segments will be kept clean by citizen volunteers, several of whom renewed previous commitments. The program involves new signs that feature the committee logo and a customized recognition sign for the sponsor of the designated road.

Citizens can volunteer to keep clean a 1-mile stretch of road, with a commitment to clean the road a least four times a year. Program information, instructions and forms for sign-up are available at Citizens may also contact Gina Schwendel, MGG's program coordinator, at 678-242-2500 for more details.


Anonymous said...

Will the Bethany Bend Road trash be picked up?

Anonymous said...

Tina finally has something to do that she can do well.