Sunday, November 02, 2008

One day to go! Share your thoughts on your choice for the next President Of The United States!


Anonymous said...

Barack Obama. I try to see both sides as much as possible, because the real work gets done in the middle. For my money, Obama has a better grasp of where we are and where we're headed. He's representative of a greater swath of the country and is not fueled by rabid ideology or a lust for power; just a desire to do the best for the highest number of people. I know everyone calls him an idealist, but hopefully he can prove that idealism can sometimes make for some very powerful results as well. Tomorrow will be a day we remember for generations to come.

Anonymous said...

Most every national politician is corrupt but we still have to pick. I was not a fan of McCain but Obama will say and do anything to elected. McCain has a rich wife so at least he is not doing it for personal gain.

The Clintons personally made 100,000,000 the past 8 years. Obama made 4,000,000 the past year or two while running for office. Not bad on a Senators salary of 180K - a position he rarely ever showed up for.

He and the Clintons realy cared they woul be donating 60% of what they make instead of the 3% they do and telling us all we have to pay more in taxes.

It's a shame you and the other 52% of the American people - most looking for a handout - don't see that.

I am afraid we will be longing for the return of Jimmy Carter after Obama has his way with things for a few years.

Obama is a Socialist - the media hid that from most people and McCain was too nice and too(put your own excuse here)to expose it.

In a Socialist society - only the politicians have money - everyone else is poor.

France and Germany - who Obama says hate us - just expelled their socialist governments in favor of much more conservative leaders. They tried it and it nearly killed them. Now it's our turn to learn that lesson.

God help us.

Anonymous said...

Hope for the best,prepare for the worst under this presidency. Words are cheap and Obama was full of them. Wait and see. Then who are the liberals going to blame, the Bush administration then? Democratic Administration + Democratic Congress = Economic and Military Disaster and with Obama it means an end to Capitalism. Wait and see. I can assure you there is no way he would be elected for a 2nd term, not after this last election. He has succeeded in one thing, and that is re-energizing and lighting a huge bon fire under the Christian Conservatives in this country, for that I thank him.

Anonymous said...

I think I saw an "Obama" sign in JZB's yard.

Anonymous said...

I live near her. No, she doesn't have an Obama sign in her yard.

Why would you purposely make this up? Go to Church, pal. Get right with the Lord.

Anonymous said...

51% of Americans think the government is there to take care of them and their families. Only 20% felt this way 30 years ago. That is why Obama was elected.

Sounds great to help everyone, but God help us as there are just too many people to take care of in America today!

Anonymous said...

I believe Obama was elected because of our current economic crisis and the lack of faith in Republican leadership to move us forward, produce positive initiatives and get us out of this crevasse. I also believe that McCain's negative politicking changed many votes.

Question on your stats: Don't you mean 51% of the Americans WHO WERE POLLED believe gov't should take care of them? Makes me wonder who was polled. I wasn't and considering the majority of America's population are self-respecting baby boomers, it's doubtful this is their mindset.

Anonymous said...

God helps those who help themselves?
Just what exactly is the $500-$1000 tax "credit/handout" going to do for the middle class? Is it going to "save" the middle class? It won't stimulate the economy because the middle class will have to use that money to pay more money for the price of goods, services and groceries going up. Which is a direct result of increasing taxes on the small businesses and corporations that give people jobs and stimulate the economy. So essentially he is going to do nothing for the middle class. Can't wait to see what happens when the 51% that voted for him figure out he is not going to follow thru on his promises. Name one President who has promised "change" (and they all have) that actually delivered? Since when hasn't a run for the presidency not included "change". But Obama acts like he made that "change" idea up all by himself as if it were unique to the elections.But I guess he is "the one" as O put it, so he must be able to do it, Oprah said he can.

Anonymous said...

"Considering the majority of America's population are self respecting baby boomers"

You just happen to live on the lucky side of the Amercian population, honey! Hate to tell you that is not the MAJORITY anymore.

Anonymous said...

"You just happen to live on the lucky side of the Amercian population, honey!"

What's "lucky" about it?

Anonymous said...

Give me a break, Lucky! Try living somewhere else in the US like downtown Detroit. You need to start counting your blessings and quit complaining.

Anonymous said...

Who's complaining?

And by the way, I am from the Rust Belt, near Detroit, and worked in the auto industry to make my way through college and into a career. I have lived in several places around the U.S. and abroad. Maybe you shouldn't be so quick to judge.

Perhaps you misunderstood my point which was that there are self-respecting folks out there who are not looking for a handout. I don't consider that "lucky" but a mindset backed by determination and hard work.

Why is your response so acidic?