Sunday, November 30, 2008

Local Families Feed City's Finest On Thanksgiving.

Each Thanksgiving, families around the country gather to give thanks for the past year and hopes for the next. Many times, we forget that while we enjoy our feasts, fire and policemen are working hard to insure that our safety is priority one on this most precious day and the other 364 days each year.

This year the Enloe, Payne, and Holbrook families were proud to host some of Milton's finest and welcome them to the dinner table at our home on Bethany Road. In attendance this year were Milton Police Lt. Barstow and Milton Firemen Lt Scott Wright, Fire Fighter Josh Payne, Fire Fighter Danny Studder, and Fire fighter Chris Seay.

On behalf of all of us, many thanks to these wonderful public servants for all that they do for us.
We look forward to having you and many others with us next year. Keep safe!

- Tim Enloe;

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