Monday, April 07, 2014

We've got a busy spring planned.

As I write this, spring has finally arrived – albeit with some pollen – and I’m glad to see everything waking back up and blooming after the tough winter we’ve had.

As you can tell, we’re proud of Milton’s natural beauty, and are committed to maintaining it. The question is how to keep Milton rural and preserved while balancing our legal responsibilities to property owners who wish to develop their land for heavier use.

In addition to our in-house work examining our zoning standards and land use, we’ve also begun working with consultants from the International City/County Management Association on a comprehensive green space preservation plan. These consultants, the best and brightest in city and county management from across the United States, are working in Milton for free as part of their Leadership ICMA program.

We’ve previously used program participants’ expertise on an electronic records management plan, and the work they gave us was spectacular. I can’t wait to see what they bring back – and how we can implement some of their recommendations to keep Milton a wonderful town for everyone involved.

Speaking of creating a top-notch community, take a look at this month’s newsletter for a slate of incredible community events. We’ve got our yearly boot drive, the launch of a business connection series, adopt-a-road clean-ups, the Earth Day festival, community garage sales, drug drop-offs, autism fundraisers, cyber safety workshops, the Golden Games, HYA Day, fundraising golf tournaments, Memorial Day and summer camps.

And on the “good news” side of things, we’ve got our volunteers of the year, news on a new fire truck, spotlights on our high-achieving fire fighters, a call for senior center donations, info about participating in Crabapple Fest, and roadwork updates.

One last thing: There’s a whole bunch of great things we’re working on for summer, like a monthly food truck event in Crabapple, movies in Friendship Park, and a host of new sport, performance, art and science summer camps. And of yeah, news on our City Hall project in Crabapple and the expansion of Bell Memorial Park, which starts Memorial Day.

Basically, what I’m trying to say is that Milton is a community on the move, and we’re just getting started. Looking at all the progress we’ve made, it’s nothing compared to what’s on tap for the next few years. It’s truly an exciting time to be part of the City of Milton.

As always, I’d love to hear from you – contact me sometime and let me know what you think of everything we’re involved in, and what you’d like to see going forward. It’s only through those conversations that Milton can become the place our residents deserve.

Sincerely, Mayor Joe Lockwood

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