Monday, April 14, 2014 Welcomes Liberty's Law.

By Tim Enloe;

Liberty's Law; the proposed ordinance to protect horses from abuse and harassment; was more than well received this past Saturday at's 50 acre facility in Cherokee County.

With a large crowd in attendance at this beautiful horse refuge run by Cheryl Flannagan, the crowd paid keen attention to not only the unchecked abuse of Liberty, but also various other victims including Misty, Bo, Rocks, and Lucky.

Many were even more shocked to find out that the City of Milton Georgia, which sports numerous pictures of horses throughout the city website as well as on both old and new city logos, has turned a blind eye to even allowing Liberty's Law to be presented before council, much less enacted or enforced.

Kathy Sullivan; an active volunteer at the facility, was truly perplexed, "I thought Milton was horse friendly. Would love to live there with horses but not when you won't even hear the problem. Government .... So sad."

To date, Liberty's Law has over 1324 signatures of support on their online petition. More plans are in place to present Liberty's Law to various groups and / or organizations throughout Georgia; from local churches to horse farms to schools.

With more and more horse farms selling out to developers and clustered controlling subdivisions becoming the new normal in Milton along with no plans to create equestrian friendly facilities, it begs the question if the time of the horse in this suburban city of Atlanta has come and gone. Remember, image without action is nothing more than a facade.

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