Monday, April 09, 2007

A Note About School Plans for Freemanville Road

According to media reports, the Fulton County School System has purchased a 116-acre site on Freemanville Road near the Crabapple crossroads in the City of Milton, the same location on which King's Ridge School had planned to build a new facility. Statements attributed to District 2 Fulton Board of Education member Katie Reeves, who represents the area, indicate that the school system intends to construct both a high school and stadium on the property to open in 2011, and is considering construction of a middle school there as well.

Milton City Council is committed to working with the Fulton Board of Education. It should be noted, however, that the city has no control over where the system opts to build schools. Under state law, school systems are sovereign governmental bodies, with independently elected representatives. As such, they are exempt from most city and county ordinances, including planning and zoning laws.Questions or comments should be directed to District 2 BOE representative Katie Reeves,; BOE President Julia Bernath,; and Fulton Superintendent of Schools James Wilson, The phone number for the system's central administrative offices is 404.768.3600.

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Anonymous said...

“Engage the community”? Right. Don’t you mean kick out the community? Correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t this the same branch of government that kicked residents out of their homes because the old Milton High School was “not fit for students”, goes and builds a new school to the tune of $70 million tax payer dollars when it was supposed to be $40 million, and then shuttles the inner city problem kids via Marta to the old school that originally wasn’t “fit for students”? It should also be noted that of that proposed $40 million dollar budget, the sale of the old Milton High was suppose to cover $20 million. Lies, lies, and more lies. Still happy you voted for SPLOST? It sounds like we will be losing another horse farm as well; all be cause the Board of Education has no one to answer to. One has to wonder why zoning and public education don’t converse on a regular basis. Do they not impact one another directly? How would Miss Reeves feel if loud high school was slammed in next to her. Then again, how would she feel if the government kicked her out of her home due to that branch’s lack of planning?

Anonymous said...

Wow, it's such a shame that our new city is getting started with so many ill feelings already. Government needs to grow & expand, small communities & their citizens want to remain the wonderful places to be that they are.....there must be somewhere in the middle....right?

Bill Ruffin said...

Let's see. There is nothing we can do about the clear-cutting at the Crossroads because Fulton granted the approvals. there is nothing we can do about the school being dropped in the middle of one of the most beautiful parts of the town because Fulton County can put a school anywhere it wants.

Pattern here?

Bill Ruffin

SG said...

Wow...this makes the King's Ridge plan look pretty good. Fulton County BOE is totally out of control if they didn't know this (maybe plan this) to be a slap in the face to the Milton Community. Another good reason for reforming Milton County ASAP.