Wednesday, April 04, 2007

More Fire & Police Questions from Readers

Accessmilton visitor:

The following are questions we have received over the course of the past month. We have taken the time to email the City of Milton Staff. Hopefully, they will address these and future questions as time allows.

- Anderson Lee;

1. Why does Milton need it's own police department if all of the specialized functions have to be subcontracted to other departments? For example, SWAT callouts, traffic investigators, and property / evidence control.

2. Why offer Veteran North Fulton Officers & Firemen a defined benefits pension if there are no benefits on the back end? Why not offer a progressive 401K? For example, 2008; 2%, 2009, 2%, 2010 2%?

3. How do you plan on handling calls for service once your three or four beat officers are tied up with other calls? Do you have a mutual aid agreement? If so, what police actions does it cover and how much in our tax dollars does it costs?

4. With such limited personnel, what are you going to do if someone gets sick, has a family emergency, or gets hurt on the job or a litany of other reasons for not being able to work?

5. Who supervises the shift if the supervisor has to be off?

6. Who decided the city needed a director of public safety when the only othe agencies in the Metro area that have public safety directors are large agencies (such as Cobb & Dekalb Counties?)

7. If the public safety director position is deemed to be so important, why was it not opened up to a selection process? If this position is so important, why was somebody with only nine years of experience in limited police knowledge and no knowledge of fire department protocol selected?

8. Why are public safety workers not protected by the civil service?

9. Why does the city say it wanted to recruite veteran officers bu the benefits package offered does not make it financially possible for them to come and work for the City of Milton?

10. Are we so desperate for employees that we call people who have not submitted applications to come and take the physical agility test and why is the city of Milton entertaining hiring officers who have been recently fired or asked to resign?

11. Why are the majority of non elected Milton officials ex city of Alpharetta officials?

12. Why are you hiring an assistant public safety director who, as a fireman, has not fought a fire?

13. What qualifications were needed to be considered for the position of Public Safety Director?

14. What was the selection process for the Public Safety Director?

15. What plans do the Milton Police have for enforcing our current speed limits?

16. How many officers will our city have employed on a full time basis?

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retiredone said...

I read this list and I just can not believe the city leaders let this go on. Is it that they really do not know what they have done or they just do not care. You can not put a Police and Fire department together over night. You can not replace all the years of experience that work there now.You really can not put those departments together with leaders with NO EXPERIENCE! Which they have done. If they tell you these leader have experience than they are lying to the people. You can not tell me that someone with only 10 years of service in Police or Fire really know their job like someone who has been doing it for 20 or more years. Yes some of these guys may have years years and a lot of schooling. But do they really know how to do the job? Most likely not. It will come back to bite the City that is for sure.The leaders better open their eyes before it is too late. It may be to late now.