Thursday, March 01, 2007

Mayor Gets Down In the Trenches-Literally!

Editor's Note: "In seeing Mayor Lockwood's actions here, it makes me that much prouder to be a Miltonian!" - Tim Enloe

March 1, 2007

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Lockwood brings own tractor to help fix unpaved road

When Mark Davis e-mailed Mayor Joe Lockwood along with several Milton City Council members and city staff regarding the condition of unpaved roads in his area, he probably never expected the mayor to show up personally with a tractor to fix the problem.

After reading comments from Davis and other area residents about severe drainage problems, areas of washed-out roadway, and potholes, the mayor took his own tractor – complete with front-end loader attachment in front and box grader in back – out to the Brittle and Summit roads area on Feb. 26 to help city workers address the issues at no cost to taxpayers.

“It was really no big deal; I just went there to do an immediate, temporary fix while our public works folks could assess the situation for permanent repairs,” Lockwood said.

Although he does want not his actions to set a precedent going forward, the mayor said that in this situation the conditions were serious and warranted immediate attention. Plus he wanted to send a message.

“That’s what it’s all about in Milton – local government representing and working for the community,” the mayor said.

An appreciative Davis certainly heard that message loud and clear.

“I saw the tractor out there and thought, ‘wow, that’s the fastest government response I have ever seen,’” Davis said. “I didn’t realize it was the mayor on the tractor.”

“I never intended for my e-mail to get this kind of special attention; I realize there are much bigger issues he has to deal with,” Davis continued. “Never the less, I think that has to set a new standard for the most involved, in-the-trenches mayor on record.”

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