Monday, March 26, 2007

Former Milton Candidate Makes Good On Campaign Promise

By Temura Bly;

When long time resident Tim Enloe decided to run for a Milton, Georgia Councilman position this past July,he had a pretty good idea about how he was going to go about things. "I wanted to be different,"Mr. Enloe was quoted as saying,"and part of that approach was to run on my own dollar instead of asking for others to pay the way." With exception of a few folks who insisted, Enloe did exactly that. He knew the budget that he could spend. After that, he relied on word of mouth and phone calls. This unique approach worked well enough to land him in a run-off position with another candidate. "The other guy won," Tim says with a brief shake of the head and a smile. "Some say he out spent me, others say it was successful mudslinging. Either way, he has the seat. The people spoke and I respect that."

During the campaign, Tim channeled the few campaign contributions into a charitable fund at
Iron Stone Bank in Alpharetta to help the the future Milton Fire & Police. "When Tim lost, the company (Magnolia Media, LLC) decided to keep the account active and it is now part of our business model," stated Co-Founder and CMO Scott Thompson. (Please see

While Mr. Enloe said he is unsure if he will run again, he has been very busy. He has focused his energies on various MVP groups; including MAC (Milton Art Committee), Milton History Committee, Milton Road Adoption, and a recent charitable organization set up to help provide equipment for the Fire & Police Stations that the city will be inheriting come May. "Anyone who knows me knows I am a big advocate of our Fire & Poice Departments; especially our North Fulton Veterans. To be able to help, even in a small way, is worth it to me," he said. "We had planned on letting my campaign contributions mix with whatever the company donated in January of '08. In seeing what all is needed before May, Scott and I spoke and we decided to use the monies generated from the campaign now." The result was the recent purchase of three DVD / VCR units.

"Thanks to this extremely generous donation, each of our three Milton Fire Stations will have a new VCR/DVD combo to use for training as well as recreational purposes. The City of Milton Public Safety Department, which includes both Fire and Police, will be most appreciative of this demonstration of support from the community, " stated organizer Jan Fowler. "When we went to the polls last November, one of the primary reasons the City of Milton referendum passed was a desire for more localized government and community involvement with that government. Projects such as this are proving that our citizens are willing to get involved with our city and support it in a variety of ways. "

The need for the DVD / VCR combinations is due to the fact that quite a bit of training material is still in the older VHS format.
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