Friday, July 14, 2006

Milton Georgia

Don't forget to vote on July 18. If you are not sure where you need to go to vote for the proposed City of Milton, GA then you can find out at the Sec. of State website here.
If you want to find out the latest news about Milton, Georgia then check out Access Milton.

AM Reader Says No to New Milton

Everyone is not in favor of a new Milton, Georgia and we like to share all points of view. Here is an email from Access Milton reader Joan:

I LIKE living in Alpharetta-having an Alpharetta address. I like that the city has a history that goes back hundreds of years. I moved here 10 years ago and lived right in Alpharetta until a few years ago. I feel really connected to the city of Alpharetta and want to keep that address. I don't want to come from a city that started last week, and that no one has ever heard of.
I wish I could be annexed by Alpharetta, but I understand that they would not. I am in favor of splitting Fulton County into a new county, but not making a new city. Sandy Springs and Johns Creek have had those names attached to them (especially Sandy Springs) for years. This area has never been referred to as Milton so it's hard to embrace it.Another reason that is more of a nuisance, is having to change my address on everything once we become a new city. It's a hassle and it will be expensive.
As far as what a new city would mean, I guess I don't have any problem with the way things are now for me. I don't know of any services that I am not getting. A few months ago after the tornadoes we had, I had to call the fire department and they came within minutes of my call. I am concerned that 20,000 citizens would not be able to support the size fire and police department that I feel safe with and if they do, it will make my taxes will go up. I am worried that we will not be able to pay the salaries that the other cities can and will not get experienced fire and police protection. I feel certain after the required period that taxes are supposed to stay the same, they will go up in the new city.
I don't believe that this new city will give me any larger voice than I have now. A few highly place individuals in the government structure of the city will be the ones making decisions for the city, just as they are now for Alpharetta and Atlanta.
Basically, I can't see the advantages for me and that's why I am choosing to vote NO on July 18th. My vote may not make a difference, but at least I will feel good about it.

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