Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Liberty's Law Begins Marketing Push.

By Tim Enloe;

Liberty's Law, a proposed ordinance to enhance and enforce laws to protect horses from abuse and harassment, is being promoted this week in The Milton Herald, Revue & News, Johns Creek Herald and Forsyth Herald. Total distribution for all four papers exceed 73,500 house holds.

This begins the first phase in a long campaign in newspapers, magazines, online, radio, and horse shows through out the state with the goal  of educating society on the abuse, harassment, and sometimes death, of horses by cowardly, ignorant individuals. More must be done!

We encourage you to stand with over 800 other citizens and support Liberty's Law by signing the petition found on the Liberty's Law website

Together, we can protect the beautiful horses from abuse and harassment!


Anonymous said...

Why is Milton council avoiding the issue of animal cruelty and protection for this horse? Sounds to me like a cover up.

Anonymous said...

Agree.... An investigation should be done to reveal the elected people responsible.

Anonymous said...

No word from city hall???