Monday, June 06, 2011

So...What Would You Do With $140,000?


With recent articles being posted about the renovation and ribbon cutting of Bethwell Community center this month, some residents in our comments section
have debated this project.

With that in mind, we thought it would be interesting to hear what you, the tax payers of Milton Georgia, would have spent $140,000 on if you were on the Milton City Council.

Would you still have spent it on the Bethwell project, would you have utilized these funds on something else, or would you have spent then money at all?

Have your say in the comments section below.


Bill Bailey said...

I would spend it on the re-elect Julie Zahhner Bailey campaign as she is surely going to need it after she has made a decision like this with our tax dollars.

Anonymous said...

how did that cost $140K? Were the bids posted anywhere on the city website? Tim, can you find them and post them?

Anonymous said...

The citizens should have the chance for input. Doubt the $140,000 would have been approved.

Anonymous said...

I would have spent the money on improving poor road intersections.

Anonymous said...

The citizens did have a chance for input and voted for the folks we have now. Such a small percent of the folks that live in Milton actually vote. You can make an impact by working to educate people about candidates you agree with and encouraging more people to get out and vote!

I think that this particular use of funds may not be all that bad - I thought I read that it is avaialble for rental use so perhaps we can defray some of the cost?

Anonymous said...

I would have used it to by all the city's department heads silver Mercedes just like their boss!

Anonymous said...

Hey post 1:09 pm, you are right but want you to know that I did not vote for the current mayor and only one of council. You are right also about so few citizens voting. Maybe this will change.