Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Post June 6 City Council meeting wrap-up.



1. Approval of a Resolution Amending Resolution No. 08-01-03, a Resolution Appointing A Member to the City of Milton Board of Zoning Appeals for District 6.
(Agenda Item No. 11-119)
(Alan Tart, Councilmember)

Board member Rita Young approved 7-0

2. Approval of a Resolution Amending Resolution No. 09-01-69, a Resolution to Create the Milton Grows Green Committee and its Governing Board and for Other Designated Purposes and Adding Members to the MGG Committee Governing Board.
(Agenda Item No. 11- 120)
(Cindy Eade, Sustainability Coordinator)

Board member Julie Pinckney approved 7-0

3. Approval of a Resolution to Authorize the Mayor and City Council to Approve the Submission of a Revised Transportation Enhancement Application to Georgia Department of Transportation.
(Agenda Item No. 11- 121)
(Carter Lucas, Public Works Director)

Approved 7-0

4. Approval of a Resolution to Adopt the City of Milton's 2030 Comprehensive Plan: The Community Agenda.
(Agenda Item No. 11-122)
(Lynn Tully, Community Development Director)

Approved 7-0

5. Approval of a Resolution to Dissolve the Comprehensive Plan Advisory Committee and to Recognize the Work of Its Members.

(Agenda Item No. 11- 123)

(Ken Jarrard, City Attorney)

Approved 7-0


Anonymous said...

Why was CPAC dissolved?

Anonymous said...

They were done.