Friday, June 17, 2011

Milton Parks and Recreation Director To Resign.


Milton's first parks director Cyndee Bonacci has turned her resignation in this week stating she needs more time to be a Mom to her three children.

She has provided a month's notice.

Bonacci was hired over a year ago to jump start Milton's Parks and Recs program. Most recently, she was part of the Bethwell Community House restoration.

The position, which pays an estimated $85,000 annually, was questioned by some as premature and over the top.

However, others were big advocates for the parks program to get under way and hiring Mrs. Bonacci was the first step forward.

The city plans to have a replacement in hand by early July.

So what do you think? Would you hire another director now or would you hold off?

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Anonymous said...

Sad news! Pressure from the HEROES throws out the outlet director of outlets for youth activities.

Anonymous said...

Post 9:31 pm -The first two words were adequate in response regarding the resignation of Cyndee Bonacci. Her decision to spend more time with her three children is a priority. Is your priority to continue making mean and hateful remarks on AM?

Anonymous said...

Yeah! wasted tax payer money. Overpaid position to manage hardly a thing. Oh yeah, $85K to coordinate the Round Up. Lets get someone in there who will do something with our 200 acre park and make it a statement of our city instead of wasting tax payer money on satellite parks in the backs of schools on BOE property which the taxpayer already funds anyway. Quit double dipping the tax payer and take that money and invest it in our 200 acre park or sell the damn thing. Bet theBOE would buy it for another high school in Milton. We aren't using it. It could be so great if we got someone in the director position and our council to want to create an awesome park for our city. But no, lets pay the BOE lease money to improve and use the back of public school property!

Enough already!

Anonymous said...

the above is typical of someone who didnt take the survey but is happy to chime in now with ways to spend money that doesnt exist to develop the bham park

Anonymous said...

If the city has money to buy land and laptops for council and mayor and this and that and this and that, there is money available. The unnecessary purchases have to cease. No more wasteful spending. Let's concentrate on what we do have and improve it. I understand Cyndee's reason for leaving. Let's give Tim this position. He will listen and make wonderful things happen for Milton.