Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Milton expands youth sports programs.

By Patrick Fox
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Milton has revised its license agreement with i9 Sports, the company operating its recreational youth sports programs.

The City Council expanded the city's agreement with the firm Monday to include a coed youth soccer program and a fall youth flag football program for ages 4-12.

The city receives 25 percent of all registration fees, and Milton residents qualify for reduced rates.


Anonymous said...

Where will these programs practice and play games?

Anonymous said...

Schools -- its all on the city's Web site.

Anonymous said...

The taxpaying families in Milton deserve a real parks and rec dept. with actual parks and facilities. not schoolyards that actually belong to fcboe. Would love to see resources going towards developing this dept instead of renovating old buildings and buying suvs and pickups for the police and fire depts.

Anonymous said...

Will the schools have the bathrooms open during the night practices and weekend games? No of course not! You will have to hold it or run to the nearest gas station. This was another stupid waste of money. Fix a real park with facilities.

Anonymous said...

Porta-Johns are the answer.

Anonymous said...

No, the answer is we need a new mayor and council.