Monday, September 14, 2009

Al Trevillyan To Run For District 3 Seat.

For Immediate Release
Contact: Al Trevillyan
(770) 410-1193(H)
(770) 241-5366(C)

Milton, Georgia (September 14, 2009) – Retired research chemist Al Trevillyan announces his campaign as a write in candidate for the City Council seat in District 3. Mr. Trevillyan and his family moved to Georgia in 1994 and into the Milton area in 1998.

Mr. Trevillyan is very clear about why he entered this race. “My family and I moved to the Milton area because of its rural character. I have seen the high density growth in areas surrounding Milton over a short period of time and do not want to see that happen in Milton. My opponent, by his actions and voting record, supports high density development and our rural character is in danger. Unless there is a change in District 3 the Milton we know now will not exist in four years. When the economy rebounds, and it will rebound, there will be aggressive pressure to accelerate and approve inappropriate density. We must take action now. I choose to live in Milton and will remain focused on supporting the vision adopted by Milton, ‘…preserving and enhancing our rural character.’ I believe the residents of Milton share my ideals, and I further believe a change is required in District 3 to maintain our truly special community character and quality of life.”

Mr. Trevillyan’s professional career covers over 30 years in chemical research and development. He has served in numerous municipal positions in Illinois, including the Zoning Board of Appeals and the Economic Development Commission, and in Milton the Comprehensive Plan Advisory Committee. He has done municipal volunteer work as well, including the Naperville Illinois Chamber of Commerce, and the Alpharetta Police Department. He also served as a member of a District of Columbia based environmental impact committee, and was the liaison between Research and Development and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. He was also an Assistant Scoutmaster and helped mentor young men in their quest to become Eagle Scouts. Mr. Trevillyan attended public schools in Moline Illinois and holds a B.A. degree from Augustana College and M.S. and Ph.D degrees from Purdue University.

Mr. Trevillyan and his wife Christina have been married for 23 years and have five grown children with a daughter living in Cumming.

Contact information:
Al Trevillyan
1975 Birmingham Road
Milton, GA 30004
Website: Currently under construction
Paid for by Al Trevillyan election committee.


Anonymous said...

I appreciate that this candidate doesn't share his religious affiliation in his press release.

Anonymous said...

Another campaign of lies and disinformation brewing.
This is getting interesting.

Is there a bank or shopping mall coming down the pike for some of Jezebel's new pals?

Anonymous said...

Illinois and DC.

Great, all we need is another lying liberal trying to tell us how to live. Or, put another way, a solution we don't want in search of a problem.

Barack Trevilllian?

Anonymous said...

Get over the Obama remarks already. He won. He won. He won. Next?

Anonymous said...

JZB is scrambling, panicking if she cant get someone in that she can control. Weak choices so far? What do you think?

Anonymous said...

As I understand Al Trevillyan was personally elected by Bill Lusk as his representative to the Planning Commission.

As it turned out Al was not a 'Yes Bill,no Bill' representative (in other words he looked at the facts of each case individually and used his intellect and discretion to vote accordingly).

Needless to say Bill removed him from the Commission.

All the best to you Mr, Trevillyan. The council needs a fresh perspective.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but I can't get over the fact that he didn't formally register as a candidate. If he could not get his act together to do that, what does that say about his ability to represent our city?

Anonymous said...

okay, and this guy thinks he's gonna win as a write-in candidate? people like to click buttons, not type names

Anonymous said...

No, Al was a "yes, Julie/No, Julie" guy.
What little we see of Lusk suggests he doesn't suffer fools gladly and if he swapped committee people, probably did it for good reason.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, when she roped him in to running, in the 11th hour, he said "yes Julie"!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe there was a legitimate reason he could not register as a candidate - or maybe he made a conscious decision to stand as a write In candidate. Either way who cares!

Write Ins are, after all, a viable process in our voting system, a legal right we all have.

So Mr. Trevillyan may not have his name appear on the ballot and voters (those who make it to the polls) will have to write it in.

Big deal!

Anonymous said...

Don't you love lefties that wrap themselves in the flag when they run for office? I wouldn't be so concerned if it didn't look like it had been just unpacked.