Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Joe Longoria Meet and Greet

Joe Longoria, Candidate for the Milton City Council District 5, invites all Milton citizens to meet with him on Wednesday, September 30th from 6 PM to 9 PM, at the El Azteca Mexican Restaurant on Highway 9 at Bethany Bend Road.
This will be an opportunity to get to know Joe, to discuss your issues and concerns and to learn about Joe’s vision for our city. Joe believes that public officials should be held accountable for their actions through the campaign and voting process and that the current level of services to the community can be improved. Joe’s background and experience has provided him with the leadership skills, the ability to gain consensus on tough and contentious issues, the expertise to make complex decisions and a commitment to honesty and fair play.
Joe has had a successful career in the software industry where he has been a business owner for most of his 30 year career. He has been involved in a number of mergers and acquisitions where his financial expertise was an important element of their success. He is Treasurer of the Crooked Creek Homeowners Association and played a key role in the financing of the neighborhood’s multimillion dollar recreation and amenities project. Joe has long been active in civic affairs and has received awards for his work with the Boy Scouts of America in North Fulton and Atlanta. He has coached various YMCA sports and is a founding member of the St. Brigid Catholic Church.
Joe believes that the biggest issues facing Milton in the future are 1) revenue management as demands for and costs of services increase and 2) how to preserve our unique rural way of life.
Milton will continue to face numerous challenges as a new city, and Joe will bring valuable new skills as well as enthusiasm to the City Council. Joe is anxious to meet with Milton citizens on Wednesday evening.


Anonymous said...

Joe's got the same affliction as Tina. He also thinks it is Bethany Bend Road.
Take a close look at street sign which reads: BETHANY BEND.

Anonymous said...

This is Joe - my apologies. I was looking on Google Maps, it lists the "road" as both Bethany Bend and Bethany Rd. I guess I put the two together and used Bethany Bend Rd as the name.

I won't do that again.,-84.269428&spn=0.029915,0.038581&t=h&z=15

Anonymous said...

Hey Joe, I know this blog is ruthless, but it's o.k. to drop little things like that.

It says a lot about you however that you would take the time to apologize and actually identify yourself on this blog.

Anonymous said...

I hear they need script writers in Hollywood.

Anonymous said...

Just what Milton needs, another candidate running with a one issue platform. Isn't it a special interest when you run for office just to make changes for your own subdivision.

Anonymous said...

How come the Beacon didn't cover Longoria and his crew at the Crooked Creek event last night for the opening of the 4 million dollar amenities package.

WHERE WAS THE BEACON? They could have reported what was said, such as the reason Longoria is running is to get those gates, they will get the gates, and have their very own council person representing their very own subdivision. Jason Wright wrote last year that Crooked Creek wanted the City to spend $600,000 of our tax dollars to improve the roads, then gate it off and close it publically.

Neal O'Brien (previous council member), he was there along with Rick Mohrig as well. Nice to see the ole boys come out of hiding to try and get someone back on council, since they were ousted by the people of Milton. Do we want this same old stuff again. If Bill and Karen and now Neal O'Brien and Rick Mohrig are supporting Longoria, wouldn't putting Longoria on council be a mistake not worth repeating, which is why O'Brien and Mohrig were ousted?

Anonymous said...

A council member should represent all the people in Milton. I guess if you live in that neighborhood, then he might be a good choice for you, but what about me, I live on an open road, and we don't need our public road gated to keep the rest of Milton out and off of it.

Anonymous said...

Neal O'Brien is such an ill mannered tub of guts that anyone associated with this trash will not get my vote.

Anonymous said...

Ew gross. Longoria is buds with oBrien? No matter what Tina did, she's got my vote again. Anyone associated with OB must be a douche bag. He's a twisted man.

Anonymous said...

Longoria better design a plan to distance himself from Hunter, O'Brien and Mohrig or he'll bite the dust as did Roger Santi.

Anonymous said...


It's too late to apologize, it's too late.

Jeremy said...

I hope you understand that when you gate a neighborhood it brings the value of your home up..and homes in the surrounding area. which sounds good about right now. Who would be against that? And roads are what your tax dollars in Milton pay im confused on your logic there "anonymous".

Anonymous said...

What do we care what Crooked Creek does? If they want to take the maintenance of their streets off of the Milton budget, isn't that a good thing for Milton?

Don't we need to worry about revenues and expenses going forward? Does anyone care about the future of the city finances?

Anonymous said...

So if you attended the party at Crooked Creek, does that automatically mean you support Joe Longoria? Funny, Tina was at the party too, maybe she is voting for Joe.

Perhaps the long diatribe in the middle is another Tina diversionary tactic.

Anonymous said...

Sounded strange to hear some of the comments about the Crooked Creek event. I was curious about the diatribe also, and know for a fact Obrien wasn't there, he was out of state on a trip Saturday.
Maybe it is a diversion, but that story doesn't fact check. Word is he hasn't even met Tina's opponent, so he probably doesn't support him. As for Mohrig, maybe he just went because he is still active in Hwy 9 stuff. Ask him.
Maybe people should focus on issues and record this time instead of making stuff up. Just an idea.

Anonymous said...

How do you measure enthusiasm and how is he going to bring that to council? Sounded good but really meant nothing. Kind of like measuring CO2 emissions world wide, can't really be measured, it's scientifically impossible. But it sounds intelligent doesn't it.

Anonymous said...

If you go back and check the voting records at the time, you will see that Tina voted to gate Crooked Creek.

Anonymous said...

What is unreasonable about a respected resident of Crooked Creek seeking a seat at the table? Sounds reasonable to me considering Crooked Creek is possibly the most populated neighborhood and one of the largest revenue sources in Milton… BRAVO JOE !!!

Anonymous said...

Longoria - trouble headed for Milton! What's the first thing on your list Joe -- oh getting Crooked Creek gated. After that, nothing else matters. How many council meetings have you attended? Speaking of ethics, how could Crooked Creek HOA hold a political endorsement party under the guise of dedicating their new amenities. Pretty unethical for a non-profit wouldn't you say.

Anonymous said...

The only reason why Milton residents "cut through" Crooked Creek at peak hours is because Hopewell Road gets TOTALLY backed up at Francis Road. WHY NOT LOBBY for a traffic light at Francis and Hopewell. It would solve everyone's problems. Forget the Crooked Creek gating!!! A Council Person should work towards something that would benefit the WHOLE community!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't live in Crooked Creek but if I did I would be furious with idiocy of this issue and what I see happening.

I understand that Tina was a supporter of gating crooked creek, she may not be any longer. I am sure she is mad that anyone from her district (even worse from Crook Creek) running against her and may take that out on CC since Longoria is from there.

She still should support CC and everyone else in the city should as well and here is why;

How does gating CC benefit the whole community?

Gating Crooked Creek would reduce the amount of tax money the city spends for crooked creek roads and would allow that money be used elsewhere in the city.

The city can't afford to do much road work anywhere now so why is it bad to save some money for other much needed areas?

It would also raise property values in Crooked Creek. Is that a bad thing for Milton?

Raising property values in crooked creek would raise property values for the entire area. That is how property values work.

It would in turn raise tax revenues for the City of Milton. (more money to spend on the rest of us)

The entire city wins. More money for the city, higher property values for the city and safer roads for crooked creek residents.


Who loses?

Only the people in Cherokee and Forsyth Counties who cut through to get home a few minutes faster?

How does this hurt JZB and the other melon heads who think this is a bad idea?

This is just one more issue that makes Milton Politicians look like fools.

Let them GATE you fools! We need the money!