Thursday, September 03, 2009

Milton Candidates Running For Office.

Courtesy Milton Neighbor


As of Thursday, September 3rd, 2009, here are the individuals running for Milton Office:


1. Joe Lockwood

District 1 City Council

1. Karen Thurman

District 3 City Council

1. William C. Lusk

District 5 City Council

1. Tina D'Aversa
2. Joseph Longoria

We will be in contact with the City of Milton on Friday as the week and cut-off time wraps up. If we have any additions, we will post them here. Best of luck to all the candidates!


Anonymous said...

Now Tina may have to actually talk to the trashy "little" people, and and and, uckkkkk, shake their grubby pauper hands.

I hope she doesn't get H1N1 from campaigning with the "little-house" people!


Anonymous said...


Is it true she makes staff pick the brown M&M's out of the bowl in the break room and doesn't let them look her in the eye, like J-Lo??

Anonymous said...

Maybe Thurman the vermin and combover boy will have opposition.

Anonymous said...

She actually has Julie pick out the green M&M's for her since there is no way Julie would need them.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Enloe,it's time to make people accountable for their comments, then these cowards would have no avenue.

I'd post my name but then they'd turn like the beacon light at the top of the tower in Lord of the Rings, and focus their big red evil glowing eye my way, and I'm not interested in their BS when they are nameless.
- F. Baggins

Anonymous said...

Git-er done there Gaggins. Red eye is watching you.

Anonymous said...

Okay, Precious, you want the ring don't you.

Frodo has the ring, go get it.